Locker Rental Station at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore: An Unfair Convenience

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Locker Rental Station at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is totally unfair and very expensive, particularly when it is used more by those headed to the RWS Casino and turned back by the security guys who think that the bags carried by the guests are too large. Their decisions in this regard are totally arbitrary. One guest is turned back and another is not, yet both of them carry similar sized bags. Another reason for this convenience being unfair is that the other casino in Singapore - 'Sands Marina Bay' keeps guests' bags in safe deposit for free. RWS does not. For the unfortunate guests who are forced to lose their money in this manner even before they enter the casino, a one hour locker rental for a small locker costs three Singapore Dollars, which is the minimum rental cost here. Every subsequent hour (up to four hours) costs 3 Dollars more. Beyond four hours, one is expected to pay SGD 15 up to one day after which every additional hour will cost 3 SGD more. What is this punishment for, RWS??? Keep reading for more...
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Locker Rental Station at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

When it comes to modes of payment for these lockers, things get worse. One can pay using an EZ-Link Card, credit card, or cash (notes and coins). The problem with cash is that you need to have exact change of notes or coins because no change is given by the machine. Good, because if you need to pay SGD 6 for two hours, and you only have a SGD 10 note, you pay 10 and forget the change. Credit card will cost a lot too if your card's nominal currency is not SGD. The smartest way to pay here is with an EZ-Link card but you better have adequate balance in it.

How to use the Resorts World Sentosa Locker Rental Station

Locker Rental Kiosk at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

A kiosk handles the operation here (see the above picture)

1. Find the location of the lockers (see the above picture or ask a security man)

2. Decide the size of the locker and time period of rental, how many hours?

3. Key in a "Password" and select a "color code"

4. Select payment mode
Currency notes of SGD 2, 5, & 10 and coins of SGD 1, 50c, 20c, & 10c are accepted. Remember, no change is given by the kiosk, so better tender exact change.

Locker Rental Payment Options at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

5. A locker number is assigned to you. Go to that locker, store your stuff and close it.

How to Re-open Locker

1. Select Re-open Locker on the Kiosk.

2. Enter "Password" and selected "color code"

3. Select "No" to continue locker rental

4. Select "Yes" to end locker rental 

5. Go to your assigned locker and remove your stuff.

Congratulations. You just made the RWS owners even richer. Next time, either do not bring a bag or go to Sands Marina Bay which is what I would do.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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