Shopping for Souvenirs and More in Chinatown Street Market Singapore

Sunday, October 26, 2014

When it comes to shop for something to take back home from a holiday in Singapore, street shopping in Chinatown is the place to be. The area is worth visiting even during the day but really comes alive at night when the colorful merchandise on sale at prices as low as 3 for 10$ looks totally irresistible. On sale are not just trinkets, but also Chinese dresses, bags and purses, Buddha statues, lanterns and other Chinese decoration stuff, rare coins, Chinese medicines, herbs, & spices, Cookies from Macau's famous Koi Kei Bakery, and even the exotic stuff if you are looking for that. There is a Tintin Shop too. All this is sold not just at the street stalls but also in air-conditioned shops and a big Chinese shopping mall called Yue Hwa. The market can be approached from Chinatown MRT Station Exit "A" going towards Pagoda Street. When you get tired or feel hungry, there is a food street (Smith Street) where you can have your favourite international food in an open air setting. Vegetarian food in Chinatown Singapore is available at Ci Yan Health Food, Eight Treasures, and Annalakshmi Indian Buffet. Best Money Exchange outlets in Singapore are also here. Chinatown Street Market is open daily from 10am to 10pm. Read more and see pictures below...

Chinatown Street Market Singapore

Yue Hwa Chinese Products

Yue Hwa Chinese Products at Chinatown Singapore

This is the biggest outlet of Chinese stuff here. Here you will find Chinese medicines, herbs & spices, groceries, handicrafts, furniture, clothes & accessories, etc. Prices are fixed and sometimes, discount sales are on. Read more about Yue Hwa Chinese Products here.

Koi Kei Bakery of Macau

Koi Kei Bakery of Macau at Chinatown Singapore

Koi Kei is Macau's most popular bakery and has dozens of outlets in its home city. In Chinatown, there is one. Although the prices here are double of what you will pay in Macau, but still if you wish to pickup something from Koi Kei without going to Macau, you will not mind the extra prices here. Read about Eggless Cookies and more on Koi Kei Bakery here.

Trinkets & more at Chinatown Street Market

Trinkets at Chinatown Street Market Singapore

Street Shopping in Chinatown Singapore

There are 100's of street vendors and other shops selling souvenirs at 3 or 5 pieces for 10 Singapore Dollars. For ladies they have everything in fashion. You can bargain at shops that do not have 3 or 5 for 10$ offers. This is a nice place to pick up some Chinese bowls or chopsticks. If you wish to buy something a lot more valuable just for 10 Singapore Dollars, buy an "Eight-Auspicious Emblem Gold Coin" for just 10 Singapore Dollars.

Other Shops

Coins and Notes Museum Chinatown Singapore

The Tintin Shop at Chinatown Singapore

Trishaw Uncle

Trishaw Rides by Trishaw Uncle at Chinatown Singapore

Take a ride or a full night tour of Chinatown on this Trishaw. Great family fun but confirm prices before you hop on.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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