Lemongrass Garden Massage & Beauty Spa Sivatha Road Siem Reap

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The "massage shop" massage I had at "Namaste Massage & Spa" on Sivatha Road (Near KFC) was entirely satisfactory, and cheap too. It was just USD 5 for one hour. There were other massage shops on that road, similar to Namaste and then there were a few so called "high end" place like the one that is is the topic of this article: "Lemongrass Garden Massage & Beauty Spa". Lemongrass has two outlets on this road, one close to KFC (105B, Sivatha Road) and the other close to Pub Street (202, Sivatha Road). The picture you see below is of the outlet near KFC. Now what is high-end about this place? one - the prices are double of what you would pay at Namaste Spa or any other massage shop on that road. Two - the decor of the place is obviously better, massage rooms & beds are better furnished. But could I say "high-end" about the quality of the massage that I got at Lemongrass? I wanted to really know what made Lemongrass "high end" so I decided to try at least two treatments - a Khmer Body Massage (USD 10 for 60 minutes) and an Aromatherapy (USD 15 for 60 minutes with Eucalyptus Oil). This package of USD 25 would have cost USD 17 at Namaste. I had read online about Lemongrass before going there so I knew there was a questionnaire of some sort where the customer could mention about which areas of their body they wanted the masseuse to concentrate on. They did not tell me about that questionnaire but signed me up for two massage treatments that would cost me 25 US Dollars. Then I got to see their massage room. Keep reading...

Lemongrass Garden Massage & Beauty Spa Siem Reap
The masseuse asked me to take off my shoes but later did not give me any slippers to wear. I was told to climb up the stairs to my massage room barefoot. Even cheap massage shops offer slippers when the customers are required to take off their shoes, but not Lemongrass. I was led to a room which had two high massage beds, but there was no shower in the room. On that floor they had a common "toilet" which had an overhead shower too. It was clean but there was no towel or tissues to dry one's hands. So far nothing looked high end so all my hopes now rested on the quality of the massage that I was about to receive.

Lemongrass Garden Massage & Beauty Spa Siem Reap

Massage Quality

They gave me a massage suit to wear for the Khmer Body Massage and a disposable underwear for the oil massage. The room was really cold because of the AC but when I complained, the AC was turned down. Both the massage treatments that followed were good but nothing great. I had the benefit of comparing everything with Namaste and finally came to the conclusion that Namaste Massage & Spa had given me more value for my money.

Lemongrass Garden Massage Menu

Khmer Foot Massage: USD 10 / 60 Minutes

Khmer Body Massage: USD 10 / 60 Minutes

Aroma Therapy: USD 15 / 60 Minutes

Deep Tissue Aroma Therapy: USD 18 / 60 Minutes

Body Scrub: USD 20 / 60 Minutes

Nail Services: USD 6 onwards


If you decide to combine a beauty treatment with a massage, you may get a discount of 20%. There were no packages of massage with a beauty treatment.

Lemongrass Garden Massage & Beauty Spa opens daily from 11.00am to 11.00pm. Phone: 077369025, 012387385.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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