Palm Garden Lodge Siem Reap Review: Cheapest Comforts

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How about an air-conditioned double room with free pick up from the airport, free breakfast, free wifi, and free tea/coffee all day, all for 15 USD per night for two persons? Well it all happens here at Palm Garden Lodge (No. 132, St. Tepvong, Next to Phsar Gné. Phone: 012687372) in Siem Reap (Cambodia). If you can manage without an air-conditioner, the rate comes down to 10 USD with a fan and other perks still included. No wonder  this hotel is popular even though every thing about it is just basic. The free pick up from the airport or the bus station is worth USD 2 or 3. The free breakfast is eggs, bread, butter, jam, and black coffee. The free wifi is only for name sake, never works. Free tea/coffee all day is usually cold and without cream or milk. The room is basic but ok. A mini fridge, a CRT TV, two queen beds, and an almost clean bathroom with an instant water heater. The AC or a fan in the room will depend on how much luxury you want. If you decide to stay here, just don't miss the free pick up, either from the airport or your bus stop. Tell them the name of the bus company and they will know from where to pick you up. There are problems too, apart from the non-working wifi. Keep reading...

Palm Garden Lodge Cafe Siem Reap Cambodia

Standard Room at Palm Garden Lodge Siem Reap Cambodia

Free Breakfast at Palm Garden Lodge Siem Reap Cambodia

The problems

They gave me only one towel a day because I was travelling alone. There was not even a cheap bar of soap in the bathroom but when I asked for one, they gave me a new Lux (Unilever) soap at no charge. But the bed linen was a real problem...

The bed Linen

Standard Double Room Palm Garden Lodge Siem Reap Cambodia

I usually do not like to stay in hotels that use bed linen of any color other than white. Here, the linen was a dark maroon and had white spots all over, like dried sweat of the previous guest. The front office guy insisted the linen was fresh but could not explain the white spots. He showed me two other rooms, both with the same problem. Then he brought one set of sheets from some where that appeared cleaner and made one bed in my room usable. My best regards to that guy for being so good.

What Was Wrong With The Bed Linen

The view outside my room was a clothes line on which a washed dark maroon bed sheet was left to dry. But it was raining and dirty rain water was falling over the bed sheet making it even dirtier. These guys were probably hand washing the linen and drying it in the open. May be they were changing the sheets every day but the washed sheets were just not clean.

Cheap can't be best

Standard Bathroom at Palm Garden Lodge Siem Reap Cambodia

The dirty linen, the poor breakfast and the non-working wifi are the cost of cheap here. The small garden cafe that you see in the picture above is all they have apart from the rooms in this property. Location is fine though. Sivatha Road (KFC) is about a five minutes walk away. That and the cheap price are what probably keep Palm Garden Lodge alive. I guess if one is particularly looking for cheap, Hotel Thunborey near Pub Street is just a little more expensive but offers much better value. Or may be Palm Garden Lodge can charge USD 5 more and resolve the problems.

Palm Garden Lodge Siem Reap Booking Page

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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