Vegetarian Khmer Food in Siem Reap at Khmer Chef Restaurant

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My second visit to "Curry Walla" Indian Restaurant in Siem Reap got me an unexpected reward - a great Khmer vegetarian set meal. This was Khmer Chef, next door to Curry Walla (#B05, Sivatha Road (Blvd), Svay Dangkum, close to KFC. Phone: 063 965 451, 092 827 912). Khmer Chef serves local Cambodian, Thai and Western food in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants but this veggie set meal just made my day. There was vegetarian spring rolls, a clear veg soup, veg salad, wok fried vegetables with tofu, a fruit platter and white rice, all for USD 5. If it had been brown rice instead of white, this would have been an ultimate health food combo. May be I should have asked for brown rice. The menu even had an Amok set meal too at USD 5 that was similar to the veggie set meal except for a vegetarian Amok instead of the veg & tofu dish. The restaurant offers a big list of non-vegetarian set meals between USD 5 and 8.75 including a Thai Seet Meal. This Thai Set Meal has a vegetarian option too at USD 6.75 and includes veg spring rolls, rice, Pad Ka Praw (Prao), veg salad and fruit platter. Pad Ka Praw in vegetarian option would be stir fried vegetables with basil. This is the meal I would like to have when I go to Khmer Chef next time. Khmer Chef opens daily from 10.30am to 10.30pm. Keep reading...

Khmer Chef Restaurant Sivatha Road Siem Reap

Khmer, Thai and Western Menu
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Khmer Chef Restaurant Siem Reap Menu

Vegetarian Food at Khmer Chef Restaurant Siem Reap

The beauty of Khmer Chef is that it is possible to order many Khmer dishes as vegetarian or non-vegetarian. For example, you can have a Khmer, Red or Green Curry in veg or many non-veg options at USD 3.75. There is vegetarian Bai Chaa (Khmer Fried Rice) too at USD 3.75 or even a  Stir Fried Tofu with Khmer Spices at the same price. All the food can be ordered in mild, medium, spicy or very spicy. There are burgers, pasta, soups, drinks (alcohol & others) and desserts too.

Khmer Vegetarian Food at Khmer Chef Restaurant Siem Reap

What's more

Khmer Chef gives you free wifi and free Cambodia travel books/maps, etc. Food is nice and prices are low. In case you feel like, you can order Indian food from the next door Curry Walla while still occupying a table in Khmer Chef. See location map below...

Location Map (Click to enlarge)

Location Map of Khmer Chef Restaurant Siem Reap

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