Alibaba Indian Restaurant Pattaya

Thursday, December 11, 2014

If you were to ask me about the most interesting thing about Alibaba Indian Restaurant in Pattaya, I would say that its the decor. This restaurant is actually decorated like the Alibaba's cave and his treasure is scattered in its every nook and corner. The food here is Indian mostly, maybe the Tandoori part of the menu can be somehow related to Alibaba. Its expensive too, afterall you can't expect to have the privilege of dining in Alibaba's cave on the cheap. To give an idea of the prices here, let me mention about the Indian Set Meal called "Thali". A  vegetarian Thali here would cost 590 THB + 10% Service Charge + 7% VAT. For non-vegetarian Thali the base price is 675 THB. A veggie Thali in most other Indian restaurants in Bangkok and Pattaya would cost around 300-350 THB. But to be fair to Alibaba, the Thali here is huge - 2 fried & two tandoori snacks, 4 curries, three types of Indian breads, two types of rice, and a dessert (Gulab Jamun). Still, I would consider this pricing a little unfair because what normal person can eat so much at a time. Remember, sharing of a Thali is not permitted in any Indian restaurant anywhere. Keep reading for more...

Alibaba Indian Restaurant Pattaya

Alibaba Indian Restaurant is located on Central Pattaya Road, but very close to both Beach Road (Centara Beach Hotel Corner) and Second Road (Tops Super Market Corner). Lets say in the middle of the road that connects Centara Beach Hotel with Tops Super Market. It opens daily for lunch and dinner. They have all the typical food items that you would find in most Indian restaurants. Fried/tandoori snacks, curries & tandoori main courses, desserts, and alcoholic & other drinks.

Alibaba Indian Restaurant Central Road Pattaya

Quality of the food is OK, does not justify the price. Snacks start at 120 THB but most kebabs cost upwards of 300 THB. Curries cost between 200 - 500, and breads start at 25 THB. There is no free drinking water and if you order a 500ml water bottle, you pay around 85 THB including taxes and service charge, which is totally avoidable. Carry your own water is what I can suggest. While ordering food, you may mention if you want mild, medium or really spicy. Home delivery of food can be ordered (phone: 038-361620).

Aloo Paratha & Curd

Tandoori Bread at Alibaba Indian Restaurant Pattaya

I was there early for lunch and hence chose Aloo Paratha (90 THB) & Plain Curd (70 THB). It was ok and perhaps the only economy meal one could have in Alibaba's cave. I just wish that they adjust the pricing a little but like they say in Thailand, that is "up to them".

Vegetarian / Vegan / Jain in Pattaya?

Vegan Green Curry Vegetables Tofu & Rice at Five Star J Pattaya

Try Ning's Five Star J - A vegan food restaurant in Pattaya. This restaurant believes in serving freshest food using only healthy ingredients which are cooked just lightly so as to preserve all the nutrients. The prices are just right too. The dish you see above cost only 109 THB. Read more about Ning's Five Star J here.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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