Road Trip From Siem Reap to Bangkok via Poipet on Direct Nattakan Bus

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Travelling between Thailand and Cambodia over land has always been a scam prone adventure. There are endless stories of tourists getting ripped off by way of a super expensive  "official" Cambodia visa even before the bus arrives at a Cambodia border. Also the buses leaving for Siem Reap from the Khao San area in Bangkok are often called "scam buses" because of their variable pricing & the stuffing of tourists into small vans after crossing into Cambodia and even mis-selling of hotels in Siem Reap by the bus staff. However in the present day, one has the option of avoiding most of these scams by taking a "Company Direct VIP Bus" for road travel between Bangkok and Siem Reap / Phnom Penh. In this article I will share all the essential details and my personal experience of a road trip from Siem Reap to Bangkok in a "Company Direct VIP Bus". Please note that this option is way more expensive as compared to the cheaper bus/van combos that start at approximately USD 10 per person. This VIP service operated by Nattakan Cambodia Co., Limited in Cambodia and The Transport Company in Bangkok costs USD 28 per person one-way including a free pickup from your hotel, a frugal "breakfast" and a packed "rice/curry" lunch. The ride starts at 8.00am in Siem Reap and ends in Bangkok Mo Chit Terminal after 4.00pm. Keep reading for details...

Nattakan VIP Bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok

Buying of Tickets

Nattakan Transport Office Near KFC on Sivatha Road Siem Reap

One needs to be careful while buying of a ticket for this VIP Bus in Siem Reap because some hotels just won't sell a Nattakan ticket because of their own arrangements with other bus operators. There is only one direct bus service from Siem Reap to Bangkok and that is operated by Nattakan Cambodia Co. It is, therefore, better to personally go the "Nattakan" office on Sivatha Road (Near KFC) to book the ticket. Sivatha Road also known as Sivatha Blvd. and is at a walkable distance from the Pub Street. If going by tuk tuk, ask to be dropped at KFC. Advance booking is possible and advisable. You need to pay USD 28 per person by cash or credit card and give your hotel details for free pickup. They let you choose your seat from a card that shows window / aisle seats. This office of Nattakan has drinking water and an ATM. The bus journey starts outside this office.

Nattakan Transport Co. Siem Reap Address and Phone Numbers

22, Sivatha Road, Svay Dangkum,
Near KFC, Siem Reap
Phone: 063964896, 078795333

The Trip from Siem Reap to Bangkok

The bus is usually at the Nattakan office well before 8.00am but they open the door after 7.30am. Luggage is store separately but no tags or tokens are given as acknowledgement. When I did this trip, the bus started 15 minutes late, at 8.15am. The seats in the bus were comfortable and it was more than half empty so there was no one on the seat next to me. There was a toilet in the bus that was really clean. The first leg of the trip is from Siem Reap to Poipet, the border check-point. Its a 150 km distance and takes about 2 hours to cover. Each passenger was given an ID sort of thing to hang around the neck for identification at the border.


Breakfast on Nattakan Bus from Siem Reap to Bnagkok

The breakfast that Nattakan served was a few chocolate cookies from a Banana Bakery and a choice of fruit juice or a cold coffee can. I chose the cold coffee and it was good. This breakfast will obviously not fill you up so better carry some snack with you. Lunch will not be until after 1.00pm.

Poipet Border Post

Poipet Border Post Between Cambodia and Thailand

At Poipet Border crossing, our bags were returned to us and we were told to approach the Cambodia Immigration Departure Counters. There were queues before those counters but cleared quickly except the one that I was in. The immigration officer on that counter was busy chatting with his friends sitting inside and took unduly long to clear each tourist. When I finnaly reached him, I leant why he was slow. This guy appeared slow on purpose because he was asking some funny questions. He asked me about Thai visa. When I told me that I would take Visa on Arrival, he told me to go there first, take the Visa on Arrival and then come back for the departure stamp from Cambodia. That was clearly the dumbest thing that I have ever heard at an immigration counter in any country. I tried to explain that it would not be possible for me to arrive into Thailand before departing from Cambodia. A few moments later, perhaps wisdome dawned on him and he quickly stamped my passport. I was on my way to the Thai Border Post.

Thailand Border Passport Control / Visa / Immigration

Thailand Passport Control at Poipet Border Post

The way to the Thai Border Post is a wide road with footpaths on both the sides. For going towards Thailand, one is supposed to walk on the left side footpath and enter the building in the above picture. The Visa on Arrival / Thai immigration counters are on the first floor after a big staircase. Carrying one's luggage on those steps does take some effort. Immigration queues here are long but for the lucky ones who need to take Visa on Arrival, the process is way faster because the visa and immigration happen in a single step. Visa officials ask for the visa fee THB 1000 even before handing over the visa application form. I guess they are careful because there are casinos on the Cambodian side of the border and there would always be the possibility of a tourist being totally broke from losing all his money in a casino.

Board the Nattakan Bus Again

Bus Stop on Thailand Side at Poipet Border Crossing 

After completing Visa / Immigration procedure, just walk out where some Customs officials with their X-ray machine may or may not stop you. There is a wide road again. The bus stop where the Nattakan bus waits is at the first big left turn. Its a long wait, about 2 hours because they wait for everyone. The luggage is stored in the bus again. There are drinks / snacks stalls, tourist police and taxi counters, etc. on the road outside the bus stop.

Lunch Stop

Lunch Stop in Thailand at Seven Eleven

Rice & Chicken Lunch from Seven Eleven

The bus starts from the border post and after a while stops again in front of this 7-Eleven. I bought my Thailand prepaid sim card at this 7-Eleven. They even had tourist sim cards. Lunch was a packed Chicken Curry and White Rice along with a bottle of water. This was a smelly meal and since in any case I am vegetarian, I gave away the meal to someone needy I saw on the way. Lunch is supposed to be eaten in the bus itself. There is no stop after the border crossing. Once the bus enters Bangkok, it slows down due to traffic.

Arrival at Mochit Bus Terminal

Mochit Bus Terminal in Bangkok

That day the bus arrived at Mochit at around 4.30pm. There are tuk-tuk/taxi stands for going to Mochit BTS Staion or anywhere else in Bangkok. If you plan to go to Pattaya directly from there, there are buses at Mochit Terminal itself.

At the end of the trip I felt that this direct bus service though very comfortable had in a way taken the adventure out of this trans-national road trip. And I also wondered why there were so few people in the bus. Maybe USD 28 per person sounded a little too much.

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