Cheap Prepaid Internet For Tourists in Thailand

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tourist Sim or Traveller Sim are a type of prepaid SIM cards in Thailand that offer unlimited internet for a few days and special call rates for making international calls. Its perfect except that such 'Tourist SIM Cards' cost 299 THB which is not really cheap. Unlimited internet is a plus but tourists visiting Thailand are not going to spend much of their time surfing the internet. So, my question is, is it really worth spending that 299 THB on a SIM card or is their a better option. I guess there is. We already know that international calls from Thailand can be made really cheap by using calling cards such as Bolo Card that offers very low rates like 1 THB Per Minute for calling some countries in South Asia including India. A prepaid SIM like the DTAC Happy Smartphone Sim costs just 49 THB, can be purchased at 7-Eleven shops, and comes with a pre-loaded talk time of 15 THB. If I were to use Bolo Card for making my calls back home, I will never need to top-up this card because when I use Bolo Card, the stored talk time of the SIM Card does not get used. Now that only leaves the question of internet. And there is a perfect answer for that question too. Meet the Time Based Internet Packs on offer by DTAC Thailand. Keep reading...

DTAC Thailand Prepaid Smartphone SIM

What is a Time Based Internet Pack

Let us know beforehand that a time based internet pack does not put a limit on how much data you download but rather there is a limit on how much time you remain connected to the Internet. If I can remember to check my email or do my surfing and then remember to disconnect internet from my mobile phone, a time based internet pack is a great option. DTAC internet speed is great throughout Thailand and because of that its time based internet packs offer great value.

DTAC Happy SIM Time Based Prepaid Internet Packs

One Week Validity - Perfect for short stay tourists

29 THB for 5 Hours to be used within a week.

Activation key: *104*14*9#

30 Days Validity

50 THB for 5 hours to be used within 30 days

Activation key: *104*11*9#

99 THB for 20 Hours to be used within 30 days

Activation key: *104*12*9#

199 THB for 70 Hours to be used within 30 days

Activation key: *104*13*9#

My suggestion

If you are going to be in Thailand for less than a week, it is better to first activate the 5 Hour 29 THB pack and later if you need exhaust your 5 hours sooner, you may activate another pack. It is better than spending 99 THB at one go for 20 hours of internet that you may not be able to use. Just remember to disconnect the internet connection when you don't need it. However, if you think you need 'always on' internet connection for your mobile phone, just take the 299 THB Tourist SIM.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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