Cheap Shopping for Daily Needs on Geylang Road Singapore

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Shopping for daily needs on Geylang Road in Singapore is not a problem unless you are interested in saving some money. Singapore is an expensive travel destination and so a tourist will be happy to save any money on their shopping for daily needs. Let us take a simple example of drinking water bottles. If you do not fancy the idea of taking your drinking water from the bathroom sink of your hotel room, you will be buying drinking water bottles in Singapore. In Geylang, the difference between the lowest and the highest price of the same water bottle bought in two different places can be huge. You will read more about this later in the page. The second factor is of availability and choice. The range of shopping establishments on Geylang Road is really wide. Apart from the omnipresent 'Mini Marts', there are 7-Elevens, I-Tec's, and bigger super stores like Fair Price, and Sheng Siyong. Many of these remain open for 24 hours a day so availability of anything will never be a problem. But the choice of products and their prices vary across establishments. In this page, I will tell you about the best places to shop at in Geylang and a couple of product ideas as well. Keep reading...

A 7-Eleven on Geylang Road Singapore
How much to pay for a 1.5 Litre Water Bottle in Singapore

Bottled Drinking Water in Singapore

At first I bought my water bottles at 7-Elevens which I soon realised was a big mistake. Any mini mart on Geylang Road will sell the same water bottle at half the price as compared to a 7-Eleven. To give an example, a 500 or 600ml water bottle bought from a 7-Eleven will cost you 1.50 SGD. Even the most expensive mini mart on Geylang Road will sell a 1.5 litre bottle for that price.

A 24-hour mini mart on Geylang Road Singapore

The better ones like M. R. Provisions (354, Geylang Road) will charge one dollar and the best mini marts like the two shops left side after coming out of Lorong 10 charge 1.50 SGD for two 1.50 litre bottles (Dasani or other brand). Now compare that to 7-Eleven. You are getting six times bottled water for the same price. And it gets even better if you know the right place to shop for bottled water on Geylang Road. Welcome to Sheng Siyong...

Sheng Siyong 24-hour Supermarket on Geylang Road Singapore

Sheng Siyong is a nice & big supermarket for fresh & packaged foods, located between Lorongs  15 and 17 and remains Open 24 hours a day. Here, you get to buy two 1.50 litre water bottles (not Dasani but some other brand) just for 1 SGD from a regular shelf on the first floor. If you pick-up cold bottles from the frozen foods section, you pay 20 cents extra. There are other bargains here on several fresh fruits & veggies so if you are looking for choice and best pricing, you might want to head to Sheng Siyong.

Other Supermarket Chains on Geylang Road

Fair Price Supermarket on Geylang Road Singapore 

I-Tec Supermarket on Geylang Road Singapore

I did not try 'Fair Price' near Lorong 32 but that looked good too. The I-Tec Supermarket between Lorongs 19 and 21 can also be tried to compare prices of daily needs if you plan to stay on Geylang Road for several days.

Another Product Idea: Natural Set 'Alvas' Yoghurt (No sugar/no additives)

I loved this natural yoghurt at 1.20 SGD for 200ml and 2.89 SGD for 500ml. Tasted wonderful on its own and devine if mixed with fresh cut fruits. Try 'dragon fruit' (3 pieces for under three SGD from Sheng Siyong) along with this natural yoghurt, its the best value dessert you will have. Alvas Yoghurt is available at most mini marts in 200ml packs. Bigger packs are available in Sheng Siyong.

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