Golden Mile Complex: A bit of Thailand in Singapore

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Singapore's official travel website lists Golden Mile Complex as a shopping mall. That it is but its actually a lot more than that. I once asked a Thai person in Singapore about Songkran and she instantly mentioned Golden Mile Complex. This is where all things Thai happen in Singapore. Located at 5001, Beach Road (see Google Map below), Golden Mile Complex can be reached via a public bus on route numbers 100, 961, and 980. The nearest MRT train station is Lavender. You can catch a bus to Golden Mile complex from the bus stop  opposite Kallang MRT Station. This is perhaps the best place to have cheap Thai food in Singapore and it will be more authentic too because it is cooked for a Thai clientele. There are several shops and mini marts selling Thai food ingredients from back home. The complex opens at 7.00am and some of the establishments remain open up to 11.00pm. The Keep reading for what all goodies I found in this Little Thailand...

Golden Mile Complex Beach Road Singapore

Golden Mile Complex Singapore

Thai Food and More

Thai Food in Golden Mile Complex Singapore

Thai Super Market in Golden Mile Complex Singapore

There are a number of Thai food restaurants on the first and second levels. In addition, there is a nice and big super market called 'Thai Super Market' that stocks products from not only Thailand but also from Philippines, and Vietnam. The mini marts and smaller stalls are a plenty.


Thai Magazines in Golden Mile Complex Singapore

Thai festivals are celebrated here, cultural performances are staged, and Muay Thai bouts are held. Other interesting thing I saw here was a few 'Thai Clubs'too, one of them called "Thai Disco". Apart from Thai Beer (Singha), there are stalls and shops selling Thai music & movies,  and even Thai magazines. That makes this building a year-round entertainment venue.

A Thai Temple Too

Thai Temple outside Golden Mile Complex Singapore

Temple Shop in Golden Mile Complex Singapore

There is a Thai temple outside the building and inside there are couple of shops selling flowers and other offerings for the temple.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage Shop in Golden Mile Complex Singapore

It is to be expected that a Thai complex will have Thai massage shops. There are actually a few here on the third level. The prices they charge here for foot and body massage are lower than the rest of the city, like 60 SGD for 90 minutes of oil massage. The massage shops open from 10.30am to 11.00pm.

Money Change and Bus Tickets & Tours to Malaysia

Bus Tickets to Malaysia from Golden Mile Complex

Another thing that makes this place unique is the number of businesses offering bus tickets and tours to destinations in Malaysia.You can buy a bus ticket from here to Malacca or Kuala Lumpur just for 20 Singapore Dollars or book a 2N/3D tour of Genting Resorts for 89 Singapore Dollars. The tour/bus shops are all in the front on level 1. There is a money exchange shop here too in the front.

There's even more to discover here. Golden Mile Complex may not be in the same league as the typical shopping malls in Singapore but this place does have the soul of Thailand in it. Definitely worth a visit.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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