Indian Food in the Sands Marina Bay Casino Singapore

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It is actually both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian food that is available at 'Fatt Choi Express', a restaurant located within the casino's lower floor (B2M) in Sands Marina Bay Singapore. Fatt Choi Express, primarily a steamboat restaurant, is open 24 hours a day. I do not know how many tourists or players from India visit this casino but it was a real surprise for me to find Indian food in a casino restaurant in Singapore. In comparison, the other casino in Singapore - Resorts World does not even have any type of vegetarian food in their premises, leave alone Indian food. The beauty of Indian food being available in the Sands Marina Bay casino is that even if someone is not interested in gambling they can just enter for the Indian food and leave. Entry to the casino is free if you are not a Singaporean or a permanent resident there. The only hitch, you can't take your kids there because the minimum age for entry is 21. Trust me, Indian food at Fatt Choi Express is not expensive and it is available for at least 22 hours a day (as told to me by their staff). They said that Indian curries may not be available between 6.00am and 7.30am. Keep reading for details on the food and prices...

The Casino at Sands Marina Bay Singapore

Fatt Choi Express serves two vegetarian Indian curries and two non-vegetarian Indian curries everyday - chicken curry and lamb curry. Two types of Indian set meals are available here:

Non-vegetarian Indian Set Meal

The non-vegetarian Indian set meal consists of a chicken or lamb curry, one veggie curry, and white rice. This set costs 10.80 SGD if paid in cash. If paid by using Sands Dollars (Rewards Program), the price is 5.80 SGD only which is a real steal. The 'cash' price is not expensive either.

Vegetarian Indian Set Meal

The vegetarian Indian set meal has two veggie curries and white rice. The price is same as non-vegetarian option. I paid 5.80 SGD with Sands Dollars. I had this meal on two different days and was served one dry vegetable curry (vegetable, potato, and masala) and one veggie curry with deep fried tofu & gravy. The vegetarian curries were really hot (spicy) and tasty, just like an Indian customer would love them. There is a condiment stand in the restaurant from where one can add extra sauces and spring onions, etc. Quantity of the food is also adequate. On both occasions I requested them to give me dry curry without potatoes and they obliged. Veggie curries are rotated so that the same thing is not served everyday. One can also try a Chinese vegetarian dish: Seasonal vegetables in broth here.

Guests are required to go to the food stands first, get their food and then proceed to the counter for making payment. After payment they can choose a table for eating. Fatt Choi has comfortable seats and is very popular with Chinese clients because of the super value steamboat meals here. Steamboat prices here are 12.80 SGD for three veggies and two meats. Drinks and packaged snacks are priced mostly at 1.50 SGD. Fatt Choi is a real blessing for not only the range of food (vegetarian included) but also its near 24 open timing. There are reasons apart from the Indian vegetarian meals for which I consider Sands Marina Bay the best casino in Singapore. Please pardon me for not giving any pictures of the restaurant because photography is not permitted in the casino premises.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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