Is the Casino Surcharge Demanded by a Singapore Taxi Driver Really Legal?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Today (March 14, 2015 past midnight) I returned to my hotel from the casino at Marina Bay Sands in a "Comfort" cab, which is one of the public taxi services in Singapore. It was past midnight so the cab driver was entitled to add a 50% surcharge (applicable Midnight to 5.59am) to the meter fare, which he did. After that he added another 3 Singapore Dollars to the total fare as "Casino Surcharge" which looked odd to me because I had returned earlier also to my hotel after midnight from a Casino in Singapore but never paid any "Casino Surcharge". But I was not sure of this surcharge so I politely voiced my objection. The driver seemed unsure too but he said that "as far as he knew there was a 3 Singapore Dollar surcharge if the customer boarded a cab from a casino". I told him that I had made the same trip after midnight on earlier occasions too but never paid that surcharge. After hearing that he quickly removed the surcharge from my total fare, took the rest of the money and went away. Later, I checked online and found that the surcharge demand made by my "Comfort" Taxi driver was totally illegal. Good thing I did not pay. Perhaps, and to give the taxi driver the benefit of the doubt, he confused the surcharge applicable on taxi fare if a taxi is boarded from Resorts World Sentosa with my ride from Marina Bay Sands. Keep reading...

Comfort Taxi in Singapore

Casino Surcharge on Public Taxi Services in Singapore

According to the taxi fare rules published by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) on their website, a three Singapore Dollar surcharge is applicable for taxi rides taken from Resorts World Sentosa, 24 hours a day and on any taxi service. However, on a public taxi taken from Marina Bay Sands, a surcharge of three Singapore Dollars is applicable only if the taxi is boarded between 6.00am and 4.59am on a Sunday or Public Holiday, and that too is not applicable to taxi services operated by Comfort, CityCab, Trans-Cab, Premier, and Yellow-Top taxis.

Other Types of Surcharge Levies on Taxi Fares in Singapore

Just to make this page self-contained, the following surcharges are levied on taxi fares in Singapore (correct as on March 14, 2015):

Time Based Surcharge

25% of Meter Fare:

6.30am to 9.30am Monday-Friday
6.00pm to Midnight, Monday-Sunday, Public Holiday

50% of Meter Fare:

Midnight to 5.59am, everyday

Area Based Surcharge

City Area Surcharge, SGD 3.00

5.00pm to Midnight, Monday-Sunday and Public Holidays

Changi Airport Surcharge, including Changi Air Freight Centre

SGD 5.00, 5.00pm to Midnight (Friday - Sunday)
SGD 3.00, all other times

Seletar Airport Surcharge

SGD 3.00, at all times

Marina Bay Sands & Resorts World Sentosa

Surcharge details given in the 2nd paragraph above

Singapore Expo Centre

SGD 2.00, at all times

Marina Bay Cruise Centre (International Cruise Terminal)

SGD 5.00, 7.00am to 10.59am Monday - Sunday and Public Holidays

SGD 3.00, all other times

Gardens by the Bay

SGD 3.00, at all times

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

SGD 3.00 for Prime Taxis only at all times

LTA Website Link:

This is the official LTA Website link that gives current taxi fare & surcharge details:

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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