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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Taking a taxi from Indore Airport to get to Indore city or its nearby towns has never been a problem because even when there was no "prepaid" service, the rates quoted by taxi drivers were quite reasonable. Now, after the arrival of radio cab services to Indore city and its airport, a somewhat formal system of "prepaid" taxi rides from Indore airport has started taking shape. I say "somewhat formal" because even though there are three different prepaid taxi counters, one rarely sees all three operational at the same time. Secondly, the "prepaid" rates are still a little bit flexible and depend on the demand & supply situation at a given point of time. But there is no need to get alarmed because even when the last flight arrives in the evening after 8.30 pm, at least one prepaid counter is operational and an adequate number of cabs are available outside who are willing to offer you a drop at rates even lower than those quoted by the prepaid taxi counter inside. In this page you will read about the prepaid taxi services at Indore aiport, prepaid taxi service phone numbers, their availability, and the rates charged by them for drops to Indore city and other places such as Ujjain, Bhopal, Pithampur, Mhow, Ratlam, Mandu, Omkareshwar, Shajapur, Burhanpur, and Dhar, etc. Keep reading...

Unbranded Prepaid Taxi From Indore Airport to Indore City

Prepaid Taxi Counter at Indore Airport

This counter, located near the baggage belts, is operational from 7.00am to 8.00pm and even later if they have cabs available. The rates are fixed and displayed on the counter itself.

Indore Airport Prepaid Taxi Phone Number: +91 9826320250

Taxi Drop Rates (Indore Airport To...)

- Shri Nagar, Saket Nagar, Anup Nagar, MIG: Rs. 250

- Scheme No.: 78, 74, Sukhliya, Vijay Nagar Square: Rs. 300

- Shalimar Township, Bombay Hospital: Rs. 350

- Bypass, Silver Springs, Sahara City: Rs. 450

(Please inquire at the counter for other rates)

Metro Taxi / Star Cab Prepaid Taxi From Indore Airport

Star Cab / Metro Taxi Prepaid Counters at Indore Airport 

These two counters are located side-by-side near the baggage belts, but many times only one out of the two is operational. From here, one can book a prepaid taxi ride to Indore city, its suburbs and even nearby towns. Metro Taxi/Star Cab counters are open from 7.00am to 9.00pm. Taxi rates are displayed at the Metro Taxi Counter but not at the Star Cab counter. When I checked with them, they quoted Rs. 350 for Vijay Nagar, demanded Rs. 50 advance payment and told to pay the remaining Rs. 300 to the taxi driver. Actually at that time (9.00pm), their own cars were not available and they were merely booking unbranded taxis waiting outside the airport and pocketing a commission of Rs. 50 for each booking. I decided not to book with them and instead walked outside to find a cab to Vijay Nagar for Rs. 250 only.

Star Cab Phone Number: +91 (731) 6333333
Metro Taxi Phone Number: +91 (731) 4288888

Per kilometre rates:

According to my taxi driver, branded taxi rates for Star Cab and Metro Taxi were Rs. 21 per kilometre upto 9.00pm and Rs. 27 per kilometre after 9.00pm. I was not able to verify that information though.

Metro Taxi / Star Cab Prepaid Rates From Indore Airport

To Indore City: Rate not displayed, demanded Rs. 350 for Vijay Nagar Square. Also see the per kilometre rates given above.

To Ujjain: Rs. 1300

To Pithampur (Sector 1): Rs. 900

To Mhow: Rs. 750

To Ratlam: Rs. 2700

To Bhopal: Rs. 2700

To Mandu: Rs. 2250

To Shajapur: 2250

To Omkareshwar: Rs. 2000

To Dhar: Rs. 1800  

To Burhanpur: Rs. 4000

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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