Southern Palace Vegetarian Restaurant Geylang Singapore

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I knew there had to be a 100% vegetarian restaurant somewhere in Geylang but did not know where. Well, like they say in China, one gets more knowledge by walking a mile as compared to reading a mile long book, I found this place after walking a mile on Geylang Road. My hotels in Geylang so far have been between Lorongs 4 and 20 and because of that my strolls on Geylang Road never went beyond Lorong 1 on Kallang side and Lorong 23 on Aljunied side. And that of course would never show me the way to this vegetarian restaurant. So, I did walk beyond Lorong 23 this time and eventually found 'Southern Palace Vegetarian Restaurant' at the corner of Lorong 40 (No. 654, Geylang Road). This restaurant serves fake meats (soy) recipes like Sweet & Sour Pork, real vegetable recipes, steamed veggie buns, and batter-fried snacks, etc. Prices of food here are a real delight, imagine a plateful of Seafood Noodles for just three Singapore Dollars! Again, it will be fake seafood. Keep reading...

Southern Delight Vegetarian Restaurant Geylang Singapore

Southern Delight Vegetarian Restaurant in Geylang Singapore

There are several tables to enjoy your food in the restaurant or you can choose take-out instead. Its a self-service restaurant which means that you order your food, pay for it and then take it to a table of your choice. If you are ordering fried snacks, you need to pick up the snacks with tongs, keep it on a plate and hand it to the cashier for heating and serving. Southern Palace opens everyday from 9.00am to 8.00pm (Phone: 6846 1772/73).

Daily Specials

Chinese Food at Southern Delight Vegetarian Restaurant Geylang Singapore

Southern Palace has a sign board on which they display their "Daily Specials". On my day there, it was Laksa, Longtong, Prawn Noodles, Kway Chap, Nasi Lemak, and Chicken Rice, all vegetarian and all for three Singapore Dollars each.

Deep Fried Snacks

Deep Fried Snacks at Southern Delight Vegetarian Restaurant Geylang Singapore

I saw a selection of deep fried snacks that the staff there called "Indian", perhaps he meant "Indian Inspired". Most of these were batter fried veggies the names of which were spoken by the staff in Chinese because of which I could not know what was inside those delicious looking veggie-balls. All were mildly spiced though and were served along with an equally mildly spiced sauce. These all were one Singapore Dollar a piece but one needed to order at least three because the minimum order value here is 3 Singapore Dollars.

Steamed & Baked Food at Southern Delight Vegetarian Restaurant Geylang Singapore

There are some desserts on the menu too but again I do not understand what they are from their Chinese names. All I could understand was that no eggs were used in the making of those desserts. Its all good actually, all vegetarian snacks, curries, and desserts on Geylang Road where one mostly sees food stuff made from frogs and crocodiles. My best wishes to Southern Palace.

Another Vegetarian nearby called "Buhari"

Buhari Vegetarian Restaurant Geylang Road Singapore

On my way back, near Lorong 38, I saw another restaurant called "Buhari" that advertised "Veg & Non-Veg" food which meant that did serve some vegetarian food. See, it does pay to walk beyond Lorong 23.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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