Tian En Vegetarian Restaurant Lorong 25 Aljunied Station Geylang Singapore

Friday, March 13, 2015

Lorongs 25 and 25A on Geylang Road Singapore are home to several 'members-only' type of Buddhist temples, Buddhist associations of different varieties, and a few other religion-related buildings. It is only natural that on these two streets of God there would be a few establishments selling vegetarian food. There are quite a few actually, and Tian En Vegetarian is perhaps the best of the lot. Actually in my limited experience so far, Tian En appears to me as the best vegetarian restaurant in Singapore because of not only their quality of food but also because of the good size of servings coupled with very low prices. The food typically here is rice and curry but a decent choice of both is available. It is a small establishment on Lorong 25A which is to your left when you step out of Aljunied MRT Station towards the 'Sims Ave' side. One should turn left immediately after coming out of the station and after walking a few steps, a market building starts where there are sign boards of Aljunied Station Coffee Shop. Tian En is at the first corner of this building. The restaurant opens every day except on alternate Sundays from 7.00am to 9.00pm. See on Google Maps Below. Keep reading...

Tian En Vegetarian Aljunied Station Geylang Singapore
The Food

Vegetarian Food at Tian En Vegetarian Restaurant Aljunied Station Geylang Singapore

About 10-12 curries are prepared everyday all of which look really tempting.  A meal combo here is white or brown rice as you like and your choice of two or three curries. Like I said earlier, the size of servings is big and the price is a real surprise. A brown rice and two curries with an additional gravy from a third curry should cost you only 3.30 Singapore Dollars which is about half of what you will pay for a similar sized meal at at CI YAN Vegetarian Health Food in Chinatown and just 25% of the cost of a similar meal at Eight Treasures Vegetarian. Taste-wise, Tian En comes on top too. The food is really well prepared. The best part about the vegetarian food at Tian En is that it is more of real vegetables with an occasional tofu as compared to the predominantly soy-based fake meat stuff served at some of the other vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.

The seating

Tian En Vegetarian near Aljunied Station Geylang Singapore

Its a sit down meal on a pavement that has a roof on top to protect you from an unexpected spell of rain. Lunch time is a busy time here but still one is able to find an empty table. Just go early in the evening if you do not want to be disappointed because they close at 9.00pm.    

Other vegetarian option nearby

CI HANG Vegetarian Restaurant Near Aljunied Station Geylang Singapore

There is another vegetarian restaurant just a few steps away from Tian En in the same market building. This one is called CI HANG Vegetarian Food (Closed on Fridays). The main Sign Board here is of De Yuan Zhi Shan Association and the restaurant sign board is behind it.

Location on Google Maps

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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