Tick Tack Toe Foot Spa and Body Massage Geylang Road Singapore

Sunday, March 15, 2015

There are several foot spa and body massage outlets on Geylang Road Singapore, both big and small. Some of them display their menu and prices on the outside so that the customers can see how much they will pay inside while the others don't. Apart from the prices, the quality of service that one will get in one of those establishments is another uncertainty. But if one wishes to get a foot or body massage in Geylang, one needs to choose of the outlets that operate there. Well, there is good news because I saw a promising looking Foot Spa that also offers body massage operating on Geylang Road. This is called 'Tick Tack Toe' located at 538, Geylang Road in the middle of Lorongs 30 and 32 (see location on Google Maps below). The Name says 'Tick Tack Toe Foot Spa' but their menu has body massage and other options too. They seem to be into this business for the long haul because they are offering an annual membership scheme that entitles members to a discount on the published rates. After looking at the appearance of the place and speaking to their front office staff, I can say that if I have to risk getting a body massage on Geylang Road, this will be my place of choice. Tick Tack Toe opens daily from 1.00pm to 4.00am, and their phone number is 6842 5522. Keep reading for more...

Tic Tac Toe Foot and Body Massage Geylang Singapore

Massage Menu of Tick Tack Toe Foot Spa and Body Massage

The prices indicated below are for walk-in guests during peak hours. Customers who take annual membership, which costs SGD 30 for a year, get a discount on these rates any time of the day. Walk-in customers too get "membership" rates during the promotion or "happy-hour" timings which are during 1.00pm and 6.00pm. A 60 minute foot massage at Tick Tack Toe costs SGD 40 and a 60 minute full body massage (Acupressure or Oil) costs SGD 55.

Value Packages (10 Sessions of 60 minutes each, and one hour extra free)

Foot Reflexology: SGD 350

Foot Reflexology + Back Massage: SGD 450

Full Body Oil or Acupressure: SGD 500

One year membership worth SGD 30 is given free of charge along with these value packages.

Complete Menu (As on March 15, 2015)

Foot Reflexology (30/60/90 Minutes): SGD 27/40/60

Foot Reflexology + Neck + Shoulder (60/90 Minutes): SGD 50/72

Neck + Shoulder + Back (30/45 Minutes): SGD 35/46

Full Body Oil or Acupressure (60/90/120 Minutes): SGD 55/82/108

Face + Head Massage (30 Minutes): SGD 32

Ear Candling Massage (30 Minutes): SGD 32

Promotional Rates from 1.00pm to 6.00pm

A Foot Reflexology for 60 minutes during the promo period for any customer is charged at SGD 52 and a 60 minute Full Body Oil or Acupressure is charged at SGD 98. There are discounts on all other rates too.

Tick Tack Toe have both male and female staff for massage. The timings are convenient because they remain open up to 4.00am. Worth a try. Other Foot Spa & Body Massage Outlets on Geylang Road

Location of Tick Tack Toe Foot Spa on Google Maps

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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