Vegetarian Food Options on Geylang Road Singapore

Monday, March 16, 2015

When it comes to food, Geylang Road in Singapore looks all meaty. Everything from frogs to crocodiles is on the menu here. Yet, it is really heartening to find a few 100% vegetarian restaurants doing brisk business in this land of sin. Additionally, there are a few mainly non-vegetarian eating places that serve vegetarian too. The omnipresent Roti-Prata is always easy to find at the so-called "Indian Muslim" food joints but that is utterly unhealthy food containing just refined wheat flour and a lot of oil. That is why these vegetarian restaurants offering real veggie health food in the Geylang area of Singapore become such a blessing. In this page you will read about four full-fledged vegetarian restaurants on Geylang Road and a few other veggie meal and snack options. Keep reading...

Yes Natural Vegetarian Restaurant Lorong 27, Geylang Road

Yes Natural Vegetarian Restaurant Lorong 27 Geylang Singapore

Yes Natural (Lorong 27) is the biggest of them all and is a part of a group of adjoining establishments - Health Food Grocery Mart, Vegetarian Bakery, and a Vegetarian Restaurant. So, its not just a vegetarian restaurant but a whole concept of healthy living. But, apart from being the largest veggie restaurant on Geylang Road, Yes Natural is also the most expensive. It opens everyday from 11.00am to 3.00pm for lunch and 5.00pm to 9.30pm for dinner. There are a few specials on the menu, one among those being "Mixed Vegetable Cake" (SGD 14) which looks like a stuffed pizza containing vegetables, vegan ham, mushrooms, carrot, noodles, and cheese. They serve group set meals for 4,6,8, or 10 people. Read more about Yes Natural Vegetarian Restaurant Geylang here.

Tian En Vegetarian Aljunied MRT Station Geylang

Tian En Vegetarian Food Near Aljunied MRT Geylang Singapore

Tian En Vegetarian is my favourite because here one can get a brown rice, with two or three veggie curries for just 3.30 Singapore Dollars. The food is terrific, prices are a delight, serving size is generous, and the seating is informal. An open air market area with a roof on the top to protect from bad weather. It is located on Lorong 25A just close to the Aljunied MRT Station's exit on Geylang Road side. Tian En is open everyday except alternate Sundays from 7.00am to 9.00pm. The number of items on the menu are limited but adequate for a simple yet tasty and filling meal. Read more about Tian En Vegetarian Restaurant here.

CI HANG Chinese & Western Vegetarian Restaurant Aljunied MRT Geylang

CI HANG Chinese & Western Vegetarian Aljunied MRT Geylang Singapore

CI HANG is located very close to Tian En Vegetarian on Lorong 25A but is a formal indoor restaurant. Their partly "western" menu sets them apart. CI HANG has snacks, curries, set meals, drinks. and desserts on the menu, all vegetarian of course. There are real vegetables and fake meats too. They serve "Taiwanese Bubble Tea", and a few other "Health Drinks". Its a "Self-Service" type of joint but an adequate number of tables are there for a relaxed sit-down meal. CI HANG gets busy during the weekends. It opens everyday except every Friday from 11.20am to 8.00pm. Read more about CI HANG Chinese & Western Vegetarian Restaurant here.

Southern Palace Vegetarian Restaurant Lorong 40 Geylang Road

Southern Palace Vegetarian Restaurant Lorong 40 Geylang Singapore

Southern Palace Vegetarian is the farthest on Geylang Road at the corner of Lorong 40. This is a value for money restaurant serving full meals starting at 3.00 Singapore Dollars. There are specials everyday like Seafood Noodles, Laksa, and Nasi Lemak all at SGD 3.00. Southern Palace has deep fried snacks starting at SGD 1 each, baked and steamed food too. This restaurant too is "Self-Service" type but a good number of round tables to enjoy the meal. A part of the seating is open-air. Southern Palace opens everyday from 9.00am to 8.00pm. Read more about Souther Palace Vegetarian Restaurant here.

Other Veggie Food Options on Geylang Road

Buhari Veg/Non-Veg

Buhari Veg/Non-Veg Restaurant Near Lorong 38 Geylang Singapore

Buhari Veg/Non-Veg is close to Southern Palace on the same side of the road walking back on Geylang Road towards Aljunied MRT. This restaurant serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Pepper Spicz

Pepper Spicz Restaurant for Vegetarian Food Geylang Singapore

Pepper Spicz near Lorong 25A/27 serves a nice and super value Plain South Indian Dosa at just SGD 1.10 a piece. They serve non-vegetarian food too but have some veggie stuff on the menu.

Veggie Snacks at "Choice"

Vegetarian Snacks at Choice Restaurant Lorong 25A Geylang Singapore

Choice is a mostly non-vegetarian restaurant at the corner of Lorong 25A on Geylang Road but they have a vegetarian snacks counter where some delicious looking batter fried ready-to-eat snacks can be bought at prices starting at SGD 1 each.

I guess there are more veggie options in Geylang Singapore. Will update this page when I find them.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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