Which Casino in Singapore is Better for Players: Sands or Resorts World?

Monday, March 30, 2015

I have been to both the casinos in Singapore right from the time when the two opened for business. Over the years, my visits to the casino at Sands Marina Bay have been more in number than those to Resorts World Casino. But even now once in a while I take a round of Resorts World Casino just to see if anything has changed. Sadly, whatever changes there seems to be for the worse. There are several reasons, both past and current, for which I like the Sands Marina Bay Casino more than the other. Broadly speaking, a casino is supposed to be more than just a gambling den. People are supposed to get entertained while they lose their money playing silly casino games all of which are designed to ensure a profit for the casino. It is basically the entertainment part that differentiates a casino from a pure gambling den. Resorts World Casino seems never to have learnt this concept. Entertainment in a casino is made up of not just some live entertainment show but overall aesthetics (the design & presentation, etc.), and the facilities for the player including some freebies which would include food & drinks. Sands Marina Bay Casino scores much more than Resorts World Casino in all these areas. And then there is the problem of funny tricks that I witnessed in Resorts World Casino, which now they are unable to use because so few people go there. Keep reading for why I think the casino at Sands Marina Bay is the best casino in Singapore...

Resorts World Casino Singapore

Funny Tricks at Resorts World Casino Singapore

This one is the most important because I have not seen such a thing happen anywhere other than in the casino at Resorts World Singapore. Like I already said, this does not happen any more because the number of people visiting this casino has dwindled over time. But when the casino was newly opened, it was almost impossible to find a vacant seat at a gaming table or even a vacant slot machine. That was the time when money never stopped falling into the casino's chests. At times like those, a normal casino would try to make more and more gaming seats available for the players so that everyone could get a chance to play. But the casino managers at Resorts World Casino decided to do the opposite. They would just close a gaming tables where an empty seat became available. So, for example, if a gaming table had six seats and only five players on it, the table would be closed. That denied those five players earlier on that table a chance to play and made them go  around searching for a seat on another table. They were restive and they made the players on other tables restive by going and standing behind them waiting for one of the players to lose all their money and vacate a seat. Naturally, that environment made the players frustrated and they lost their money quickly. This strategy must have lasted for a short period only because serious players would avoid such a casino. I never saw such a trickery in the casino at Sands Marina Bay.

Food and Drinks

The Casino at Sands Marina Bay Singapore

In this department, Sands Marina Bay Casino looks like making real efforts to keep their guests happy. Sands Casino offers extra creamer sachets at their complimentary drink stations. Say, if I want to make a milk tea without sugar I can do that in Sands because the liquid black tea and creamer is available. In Resorts World Casino, there are no creamer sachets so either I drink their milk tea with sugar or I don't drink any tea at all.

Food-wise, earlier when Resorts World Casino opened, they had some vegetarian food in the restaurants on their casino floor. Now there is nothing vegetarian. So if you are vegetarian, you need to leave the casino to eat something. I am not sure if the rest of the resort has any vegetarian food, probably it doesn't. Sands Marina Bay casino, on the other hand, not only has vegetarian food in its restaurants surrounding the casino floor but even has gone to the extent of making available Indian vegetarian food which is quite tasty and reasonably priced. One is able to have a rice & two veggie curries just for 5.80 SGD by paying with Sands Dollars (for members). The regular price I think is 10.80 SGD. A similar Indian set is available in non-vegetarian option too. It shows that the casino management cares for the Indian tourists who visit this casino.

Free or Paid Bag Deposit

Paid Bag Deposit Lockers at the Resorts World Casino Singapore

The tourists carrying heavy or camera bags are required to deposit their bags at designated places outside in both the casinos. Sands Marina Bay casino gives this facility free of charge. Resorts World Casino takes money for the facility and its a lot of money. Read more about the Resorts World Casino Bag Deposit Fee here.

Overall Look of the Casino Floor

Resorts World Casino has a low ceiling and thus gives a cramped, dull look. I wish I could show pictures. The design of the casino floor is complicated because of some confusing compartmentalisation of the casino.  On the other hand, Sands Marina Bay casino has a very high ceiling, two separate floors for smokers/non-smokers, and a much more pleasant interior design & better lighting. Even if these things are not material for someone, the other material stuff sure tilts the scales in favour of Sands Marina Bay casino.

To confirm what I say, go to both the casinos one after another and see where you find more people. Sands Marina Bay clearly makes more efforts to keep their players happy. Happy players lose less money. But gaming-wise, gambling is always good for casino owners and bad for players. So if you can resist, don't gamble in either of the casinos. Go home with your money in your pocket. That makes you a winner.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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