A Simple Guide to Using Public Buses in Macau

Monday, April 13, 2015

If in the unlikely event that you are not able to find a free shuttle bus in Macau to go where you want to go, the next bus thing to hop on is a public buses. Its a good place to warn you that hiring a taxi in Macau is expensive even if the taxi driver likes you and decides not to cheat you. So, if there is no free shuttle, look for a public bus. Public buses in Macau are run by three different companies but that mumbo jumbo is irrelevant to you. All that you need to do is find a public bus stand nearby and study the route charts on display at the bus stand. You will see a picture of a sample route chart below. Fares for the bus journey are fixed depending on where you board the bus. You may choose to pay in cash (exact change is better because no change will be returned by the driver. Fares that I saw in March 2015 were in the range of 2.00 MOP to 6.00 MOP for most trips but the actual fares are like 3.20 MOP, 2.80 MOP and that makes using a prepaid debit card (MacauPass) to pay for bus fares a better option. There are no conductors so the fare needs to be dropped in cash in box kept near the driver or tapped on a pad with a MacauPass. Keep reading for that...

A Macau Public Bus Route Card

Macau Public Bus Route Finder

At any public bus stop, you will find route charts on display as you see in the picture above. The origin and the destination points are given at the top and the bottom and the bus stops on the way are indicated with the arrows pointing in the direction the bus will take. Your current bus stop is shown with an orange dot next to the name of the bus stop. So you are where the orange dot is. Look at the arrows and that will tell you where the bus will go next.

Common Public Bus Routes in Macau

Ama Temple / Historical Centre of Macau

The destination of the bus will be indicated as 'Barra'.

Coloane Village

The destination of the bus will be indicated as Vila De Coloane or Praia De Hac Sa.

Taipa Village

Rua Do Cunha is connected with several bus routes from/to the Macau Ferry Terminal, Barra, Jardins Oceano, etc.

Macau Ferry Terminal

A bus to Terminal Maritimo (Macau Ferry Terminal) can be taken from almost anywhere in Macau.


MacauPass Prepaid Card for Macau Public Buses

MacauPass is a prepaid card similar to Octopus in Hong Kong and EZ Link in Singapore that can be used not only to pay for bus fares in Macau but also for shopping at supermarkets like 7-Eleven, K-Royal, San Miu, etc. As an added bonus, when you pay your bus fare with a MacauPass, you pay a lot less than the cash fare. For my first bus trip, the cash fare was 3.20 MOP but when I tapped my MacauPass I was charged only 2.00 MOP. So that's how much you will save with MacauPass. If you plan to stay in Macau for a few days and travel to Taipa Village, Coloane, Giant Panda, etc., better get a MacauPass. The supermarkets keep them. First time charge for a MacauPass will be 140 MOP out of which you can spend 100 MOP. The rest is kept by the MacauPass people as a deposit. MacauPass has to be tapped only at the boarding point. At the destination you can just leave the bus without tapping. The MacauPass website is all in Chinese so that does not help much.

Download a Macau Bus Mobile App

I downloaded a smartphone app called 'MacauEasyGo' that proved quite helpful in finding bus routes there. Try this one.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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