Lou Lim Iok (Ieoc) Garden Macau

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jardim Lou Lim Ieoc or Lou Lim Iok Garden is one of the best free tourist attractions in Macau. This Chinese Suzhou-Style garden is so beautiful that it has been called a little pocket of surprise in Macau. Its beauty also lies in the fact that apart from being a tourist attraction, Jardim Lou Lim Ieoc is a part of the local life in its neighbourhood. Local residents come to garden to take their walks, to exercise, to play a Chinese board game with their friends or just to have a quiet time in this haven of peace. There is a long history of transformation of Jardim Lou Lim Ieoc to the present day leisure garden. It all began in the year 1870 when a wealthy Chinese merchant Lou Wah Siu bought this site. It was a vegetable garden then. The merchant's son Lou Lim Ieoc decided to turn the vegetable garden into a 'Suzhou-Style' garden. An architect named 'Liu Jiliu' is said to have been commissioned for the job. Keep reading...

Lou Lim Ieoc Garden Macau

The Suzhou Style

Lou Lim Iok Garden in Macau

This term 'Suzhou-Style' comes from a Chinese city named 'Suzhou' that is home to a few gardens collectively called the 'Classical Gardens of Suzhou' and are officially a part of Unesco World Heritage. Most of these gardens were built by rich Chinese merchants in the 6th Century B.C. The original gardens in Suzhou generally have two sections, a residence and a garden.

The residence in Lou Lim Ieoc Garden Macau

Jardim Lou Lim Ieoc is no exception. It has a residential building in the the centre of a pond and a balcony towards the garden to sit and admire the beautiful garden. The pond has both turtles and koi fish which usually found in the ponds in Chinese gardens. Apart from those, this pond has a few stone artworks which are also to be found elsewhere in this garden. Taking a walk in the garden, one comes across several gates, ponds, bridges, pavilions, and benches to sit and relax.

Local Board Games in Lou Lim Ieoc Garden Macau

Bonsai Plants in Lou Lim Ieoc Garden Macau

There are covered sections with tables and benches for enjoying the company of friends playing board games. Near the exit, there is a row of bonsai plants that look majestic. One almost feels like taking another round of the garden. You would if you lived in this neighbourhood. There is a lot more to see here and I have the pictures but it will be nice for you to discover all that beauty yourself. Entry to Jardim Lou Lim Ieoc is free and it is open for the public from 6.00am to 9.00pm. 'Jardim' is the Portuguese word for 'garden'.

How to Get to Jardim Lou Lim Ieoc

Bus Stop Outside Lou Lim Ieoc Garden Macau

There are no free shuttle buses here so you will need to either hire a taxi (which I do not recommend) or take a Macau public bus. Actually a public bus is the best way to go to the garden. There are several bus routes that service this location, like 2, 2A, 5, 9, 9A, 12, 16, 22, 25, 25X, and N2. I have personally used bus route number 12 (Ferry Terminal to P. Serenidade). I boarded the bus from the bus stop outside Macau Fisherman's Wharf. The bus stops outside the garden and the stop is called Lou Lim Ieoc Garden. You will get down at the road outside the garden wall, so walk back a little and turn right into the lane that has the entrance to the garden (see the picture above).

The Return Bus

The road on which you earlier got down from the bus is a one way road so you need to cross over to the parallel road towards the other side of the bus stop. There again you will see a public bus stop.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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