The Two Essential Macau Tourist Maps

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Once you land in Macau, either at the airport or one of the two ferry terminals, you will find tourist maps and other printed material meant for tourists everywhere. Some of those are really useful too. And then there are two maps that are absolutely essential if you wish to make the most of your holiday in Macau. These are: 1) Macau Government Tourist Office's 'Step Out, Walking Tour Routes' and 2) Macau Government Tourist Office's 'Macau Tourist Map'. Let us talk about the 'Tourist Map' first. When there are several other Macau tourist maps available, why only select the Tourist Office's map? There are two main reasons: One, this map is choke full of information that a tourist can really use in Macau. Two, this map has no advertisements which means that the information given in this map is not commercially motivated. Keep reading...

Macau Tourist Map

The official Macau Government Tourist Office's Macau Tourist Map is given out free of charge at tourist office counters at Macau Ferry Terminal, Macau Airport, and at several other places. On the front of the map, there is a picture of Senado Square and the phone number of Macau Tourism Hotline which is a 24 hour service. The hotline number is 28333000.

Information contained in the official Macau Tourist Map

Once you unfold the map, you will find the basic information on Macau like the population/language, area, currency, climate & clothing. A section then gives information on getting in & out of Macau and some useful travel tips. Then there are lists of hotels, casinos, shopping sites, dining, and entertainment options. As for the sightseeing, the map has nicely detailed information on Macau's World Heritage Sites & museums, road maps of Macau city, Cotai, Taipa, & Coloane areas, and then a list of Macau Government's Tourist Offices and their phone numbers. This map is like carrying a printed copy of Macau Government's tourist website.

Step Out - Experience Macau's Communities - Walking Tour Routes

Macau Step Out Walking Tour Routes

This guide is equally valuable when it comes to making a holiday in Macau truly rewarding. The guide has printed road maps with directional arrows to facilitate walking tours of eight different areas and themes. The attractions, points of interest, dining options en route, public bus numbers, and public toilets with their service hours are all printed along the road maps of the eight themes. A paragraph each of text and a picture of all the main attractions to be covered during the walking tours are given in the guide. I have used this Step Out guide for doing walking tours of the historic centre of Macau, Taipa Village, and Coloane Village. It really helped. (My other Macau Pages) The eight themes are:

1. The Historic Centre of Macau
2. An Experiment of Creativity
3. Crossroads of China and Portugal
4. A Legacy of Arts and Culture
5. Enchanting Stories of Our Lady of Fatima Parish
6. The Marriage of East and West in St. Anthony's Parish
7. Bygone Days of Taipa Village
8. Nostalgia in Coloane

Chose the ones that you like and can fit into your schedule but if possible, do not miss the Historic Centre of Macau, Crossroads of China and Portugal, and Nostalgia in Coloane. There is a 'Step Out' Smartphone App for Android too that you can download. Do as much as of the touristy stuff that you can and spend as much time as possible away from the casinos. Trust me, you will return happy. 'Step Out' guide is available free of charge at Tourist Office's counters. Also see: Macau Step Out Website

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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