Vegetarian Food in Chinatown Singapore

Monday, April 13, 2015

There is a plenty of vegetarian food in Singapore's Chinatown. Though the usual food centres like Chinatown Complex, Maxwell Centre, and Smith Street (food street) may look like they are all about meat, its never impossible to find a vegetarian meal not far from there. The range of veggie food is decent too, starting with the omni-present roti-prata that can be vegetarian or otherwise depending on what its stuffed with. A veggie roti-prata set, meaning a flat bread made from refined wheat flour and a lot of oil, served with a watery 'dal-curry', can be found almost anywhere in Singapore and Chinatown is no exception. Roti-prata can be served plain or with fillings such as cheese, mushrooms, & onions, etc. Yes, a prata set may be vegetarian but in no way a health food option. Fortunately, Chinatown also has a lot of healthy vegetarian food like brown or white rice served along with a combination of asian vegetarian curries, vegetarian fried rice, noodles, & soups and of course the vegetarian Indian food. In this page you will read about all the restaurants in Chinatown that serve vegetarian food. Keep reading...

Vegetarian Noodles in Chinatown Singapore

Vegetarian Delights in Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

This is one place in Chinatown that most tourists will visit anyway. For those fortunate souls that happen to be there before 2.00pm, having a vegetarian set meal (rice/noodles & a choice of three vegetarian curries can be an added bonus. Its a very delicious meal and costs a mere three Singapore Dollars. Do not miss it, read more about Vegetarian Delights here.

CI YAN Vegetarian Health Food

This one too has a rice and curry set meal but comes with organic brown rice and costs double of what you pay at Vegetarian Delights. Its still worth it for a change and also when Vegetarian Delights is closed. Additionally, CI YAN, located on Smith Street (food street) serves noodles, rice, soups, & desserts too. The menu changes everyday but remains small, about five to six items. What gets sold out is rubbed off from the menu board. CI YAN is open all day but still go early if you want a complete choice of the day's options. Read more about CI YAN Vegetarian Health Food Chinatwon here.

Eight Treasures Vegetarian

Eight Treasures Vegetarian, located close to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple,  is the most expensive among all the veggie food joints in Chinatown but has a much bigger menu and a nicer dining hall. The emphasis here is on mock meats so do not be surprised to find a "Vegetarian Suckling Pig' in the menu. Prices are high so do make use of the ordering option of small, medium, or a large portion. Eight Treasures opens for lunch and dinner. Read more about Eight Treasures Vegetarian here.

'Annalakshmi' for eat all you can, & pay what you like

Yes its true. At Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian in Chinatown Singapore, a great vegetarian buffet meal (lunch and dinner) is for you to enjoy at your pace and at the end of it you can pay what you like. There is no fixed pricing and yet the food is unlimited. Perhaps the best cooked South Indian vegetarian food in Singapore is served here. If you liked Vegetarian Delights of the Tooth Temple, I am sure you will love Annalakshmi. Read more about Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian here.

And if you still want a Prata Set...

Vegetarian Roti Prata Set Chinatown Singapore

Smith Street (Chinatown Food Street) has a street stall called 'Serangoon Raju Indian Cuisine' that has a few good Prata sets and they are cheap too, starting at just two Dollars. A restaurant located inside the Urban Revelopment Authority Building also has vegetarian Prata Sets starting at 3.80 Singapore Dollars. You may even find a few Prata stalls in Maxwell Food Centre but do tell them if you want it to be vegetarian.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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