5FootWay Inn Macau Hotel Review

Sunday, May 24, 2015

This was one Macau hotel booking that I came to regret later. Actually, I got cheated with this one, not by my booking site but by the hotel itself. This hotel being marketed as a hostel was the biggest trick I fell pray to. And on top of that, it was not cheap at all. What I had expected was a place with a friendly touristy atmosphere where tourists get to interact with each other and enjoy a homely kind of stay. What I got instead was a hotel devoid of even the basic comforts and a bunch of frustrated staff to interact with. This failed attempt of mine also shattered my last hope of finding any good budget accommodation in Macau. Trust me, if there is some, it is not available online. I am writing this article merely to properly expose this fraud called 5FootWay Inn. Keep reading...

Hotel 5FootWay Inn Macau

The Cost

A deluxe double room (called deluxe because of an en-suite bathroom) here cost me 640 HKD through hostelbookers. I had paid 15% advance to hostelbookers in HKD but the balance 85% had to be paid to the hotel directly which they charged me in MOP, thus costing me additional exchange difference.

The Free Breakfast

Cafe in Hotel 5FootWay Inn Macau

The advertised free breakfast was practically useless. One apple or orange, depending on what you can find  on the desk at the time, white refined flour bread (no fiber), butter/jam (from a shared plastic box), sugar-laced corn flakes, and highly diluted milk was the daily breakfast here. No change and no rotation. Tea/coffee was available from a machine that failed to produce anything of taste.

Guests Needed to Wash the Dishes

After eating or having a tea, guests were required to clean their dishes. I would not mind the practice but there was a serious problem there. I saw some guests who would just half-rinse their dishes and keep them on the rack. Next day, probably, I would get to use that dish. At 640 HKD per night, this hotel could not afford a dish washer?

The Room

Deluxe Room in Hotel 5FootWay Inn Macau

Deluxe Room Hotel 5FootWay Inn Macau

Guest Bathroom in Hotel 5FootWay Inn Macau

My so-called deluxe double room did not have a cupboard to hang my clothes. Just a couple of hooks in the bathroom were available forcing me to live out of my suitcase. No tea/coffee maker, no free water, no stand for keeping the bags, and no window.

The Rock-Hard Bed

The bed was really like a rock. After the first night I woke up with not just a back-ache but a head-ache too due to improper sleep. After getting to the cafe where they served breakfast, I saw that I was not the only guest rubbing sleepy eyes.

Frustrated Staff

The front office staff did everything they could to make my stay at the hotel (April 2015) terrible. One morning I wanted to just sleep in so I hanged the 'Do Not Disturb" sign outside the room. That kept the housekeeping staff away but not the front office staff. They called me on the room phone three times while I was trying to sleep to ask me when I would release the room for housekeeping. Was I paying 650 HKD per day to keep the room free 24/7 for the frustrated front office staff? I say they are frustrated because the final impression I got there was that those people were not happy with their jobs and were trying to destroy the hotel owner's business.

Any Plus Points?

Internet PCs in the lobby of Hotel 5FootWay Inn Macau

Well, if you can live with the torture by the front office staff, and sleep on a rock-hard bed, and live out of a suitcase, and eat useless breakfast, and wash your own dishes, then may be the location of this hotel will appeal to you. It is inside a lane right opposite Project Ponte 16 which is at a walkable distance from Senado Square. The hotel lobby has a couple of PCs with free internet. At the most you should think of spending one night here because the second night will be really difficult. I suggest London Hotel in the same area as a superb alternative to this fraud of a hotel.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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