A Trip to Taipa Village in Macau

Sunday, May 24, 2015

After a must do visit to the Coloane Village in Macau, if you have still have time on your hands, it will not hurt to take a trip to Taipa Village too. Macau Tourism Board's "Step-Out" Guide lists "Bygone Days of Taipa Village" as one of the eight suggested walking tours of Macau. Taipa Village, actually not a village anymore, is much more modern and commercialized than Coloane Village and if due to paucity of time you need to choose between Coloane and Taipa, I strongly recommend visiting Coloane Village. Yet, I know you may not like to come back from Macau without visiting Rua Do Cunha, in this page I have given essential information that you will need to do a visit to Taipa Village. Keep reading...

Taipa Village in Macau

How to Get to Taipa Village

Bus Stop Opposite Sands Cotai Central

A few areas of Taipa Village are covered by free shuttle buses of hotels and casinos that are located in the Taipa area but to start your walking tour of Taipa Village you will need to take a taxi or a Macau public bus at least for a part of the way. i suggest taking a free shuttle bus to either The Venetian, City of Dreams, or Sands Cotai Central from where you are in Macau. After getting to one of these three resorts, you need to come to the road between Sands Cotai Central and The Venetian East Wing. If you are outside City of Dreams or Sands Cotai Central, cross the road to The Venetian Side and walk towards the left side until you see a bus stop (see the picture above). If you are outside The Venetian East Wing (facing City of Dreams/Sands Cotai Central), start walking to the right without crossing the road.

Public Buses Going to Taipa Village

From this bus stop and from many other places in Macau, you may take one of the following public buses:

#11 to Taipa
#15 to Jardins Do Oceano
#22 to Taipa
#28A to Taipa
#30 to Taipa
#33 to Taipa
#34 to Jardins Do Oceano

From Outside The Venetian East Wing, you may take bus number 15 (going towards Jardins Do Oceano) and get down at Rua Do Cunha. Fare for this trip will be 2.80 MOP if paid by cash and 2.00 MOP or less if paid using Macau Pass.

What to See

The Step Out walking tour of Taipa Village lists the following points of interest:

1. I Leng and Kun Iam Temples
2. Museum of Taipa and Coloane History
3. Tin Hau Temple
4. Pak Tai temple
5. Rua Do Cunha
6. Carmo Hall
7. Our lady of Carmo Church
8. The Taipa Houses Museum

Best Day to Visit

If you are interested in the two museums in Taipa, do not go there on a Monday because most museums (including these two) remain closed on Mondays. That way, Sunday is the best day to do your trip to Taipa Village because both the museums in Taipa Village offer free admission on Sundays which on other days will cost MOP 5 for adults. Admission to the museums is always free for children under 12 and senior citizens over 65 years of age. The museums are open from 10.00am to 6.00pm (last admission at 5.30pm).

Tao Temples in Taipa

Temple in Taipa Macau

After seeing many Tao temples in Macau, I have come to believe that all look more or less the same with the only difference in their size. So unless faith is your reason for visiting temples in Taipa, you may spend your time there doing something else. Museums are a better option.

Rua Do Cunha

Rua Do Cunha in Taipa Macau

Fong Da Coffee in Taipa Macau

This one, to me, was really disappointing. Nothing more than a few bakery shops. The lanes on both the left and the right sides of Rua Do Cunha do hide a few treasures. I was lucky to spot this coffee shop called Fong Da Coffee which had a park like public front with a couple of benches to sit and enjoy the coffee. The coffee was ordinary and expensive but the public bench and the surroundings were priceless.

Getting Back

Getting back from Rua Do Cunha by a public bus can be a challenge because you will need to take two buses instead of one. First, get to Macau Stadium Bus Stop on bus numbers 33, 34, 11, 22, 30, 33, 34 and from there, switch to 25 or 25X to come back to The Venetian East Wing. Public buses to other routes will be available from Macau Stadium Bus Stop.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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