Vegetarian Food in The Venetian Macau Food Court

Sunday, May 31, 2015

At the first glance, everything in The Venetian Macau food court appears to be meat and eggs. But a closer scrutiny of some of the food outlets here does reveal an occasional veggie meal too. There is of course the Indian food stall - 'Indian Spice Express' where half the stuff they serve is vegetarian, no meat-no eggs. Please be informed that the Indian vegetarian concept includes dairy as vegetarian so there will be cottage cheese & milk cream in many of the veggie foods sold by Indian Spice Express. Similarly, also in the other shops here selling veggie food it will be hard to find something really vegan unless they can make it to your preference by omitting the offending ingredients. Enough introductory remarks, let us see the veggie options in The Venetian Macau Food Court...

The Venetian Macau Food Court


Pizza Pizza Food Stall at The Venetian Macau Food Court

Pizza Pizza has been there since long keeping a part of their menu vegetarian. Before Indian Spice Express opened here they even used to serve an Indian vegetarian set meal. Presently, the following vegetarian food is available at Pizza Pizza:

Veggie Pizza

10-inch: 103 MOP, 14-inch: 121 MOP


10-inch: 88 MOP, 14-inch: 106 MOP

Vegetarian Lasagna

60 MOP

Vegetarian Pasta (Penne with Arrabiata)

60 MOP


PITA PAN Food Stall at The Venetian Food Court Macau

PITA PAN, a pleasant surprise, has a few vegetarian options. They have a specific veggie Pocket Sandwich called Veggie Shawarma (Full: 88 MOP/Half: 78 MOP). One gets to pick their choice of bread (10 MOP extra for whole wheat, etc.), choice of Falafel, and choice of salads and sauces. Some choices cost extra 5 or 10 MOP but its a still a value meal and of course vegetarian. Add-ons like hummus, mushrooms, feta cheese, and a few others cost 10-15 MOP each. I think this is really nice.

Other Veggie Options at PITA PAN

There are Hummus with Chickpeas (70 MOP), Hummus with Mushrooms (75 MOP), Veggie Pizza (65 MOP), Margherita (60 MOP), Falafel in classic, basil, and sun-dried tomato variants (68-75 MOP) which all look like vegetarian but I would confirm with the staff before ordering. This joint even has French Fries/Sweet Potato Fries (20/30 MOP), a few salads, and fresh juices, etc. too.

Full Meals

Salad meals (which can be all vegetarian) here cost 88 MOP while a Veggie Shawarma Meal costs 88 or 98 MOP depending on whether you want half a pocket or a full one. I think PITA PAN is going to be my new favorite in The Venetian Food Court.


TOEI DELIGHTS Japanese Food at The Venetian Macau Food Court

Toei Delights is a Japanese food counter, mostly non-vegetarian, but one of their preparations caught my eye. There is a 50:50 chance that this contains eggs but if it does not, I already love this wonder. See below:

Deep Fried Pumpkin Croquette

Deep Fried Pumpkin Croquette at Toei Delights The Venetian Macau Food Court

This 'Oh-My-God' delicious looking snack at just 45 MOP is a true blessing. If it contains eggs, I will regret being a vegetarian for this reason. If you eat eggs, don't miss this one.


Indian Spice Express Indian Food at The Venetian Food Court Macau

I already have mentioned Indian Spice Express in my article on Indian food in The Venetian Food Court. Really nice and cheap vegetarian combo meals are available here, like an Indian vegetarian curry along with steamed rice at just 65 MOP. Try Indian Spice Express for Indian vegetarian snacks (starting 30 MOP) and curries (starting 55 MOP).

May be there is some more veggie food around there. If you spot something, please let me know.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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