Finding a Budget Hotel in Macau

Sunday, June 7, 2015

This time while in Macau, I came across a Macau Government Tourist Office brochure on Budget Hotels in Macau. In that brochure, there was a long list of "budget" hotels along with their addresses. Later when I checked the Tourist Office' website, I saw links and a search system for finding budget hotels in Macau. I am giving that link later in this page. Its actually cool to know that so many budget hotels exist in Macau, at least in a brochure. But anyone who has planned a visit to Macau during the last two years would be aware that hotel room tariffs in Macau just keep going up. Its not like Las Vegas where the room tariffs are kept in check so that the tourists there will have more money in their pockets to gamble with. In Macau, you start losing big money right from the time when you pay for a hotel room. There was a time when except Friday & Saturday nights, room tariffs in Macau used to remain at reasonable levels. Now, even Sunday nights are equally expensive. So, is it really possible to find a good budget hotel in Macau? Keep reading...

Hotel East Asia Ponte 16 Macau

Budget Hotels as per the Government

The Macau Government Tourist Office lists a hotel named "Central Hotel" on top of its list of the so called budget hotels in Macau. Now consider this: If you are walking on the road that goes from Grand Lisboa to Senado Square and then onwards to Sofitel Ponte 16, you will find Central Hotel on the right side of the road in the middle of Senado Square and Ponte 16. During my last visit to Macau, I passed by the front entrance of Central Hotel on the way to my hotel every night. And every time, I saw a bunch of Thai transsexual *** workers crowding Central Hotel's entrance. They were in the lobby too and it sure looked like they all operate from Central Hotel. Imagine walking into this hotel along with your kids! Its really funny that this hotel tops Macau Government's list of budget hotels.

Problems With Budget Hotels in Macau

Macau Masters Hotel Macau

Of course there are low-end hotels and guesthouses in Macau but I think most of those are not available for online booking. I have seen some articles online that suggest low-end guesthouses in Macau but these need to be booked either on the spot or through emails. Sometimes, email bookings are not honored and since very few actual user reviews are available for those guesthouses, you never know what to expect. The cheapest hotels that are available for online price comparison and booking start at around 550 HKD and these are the ones where average guest rating is around 6/10. The better ones like Ole London Hotel (rated 7.5) is available for around 650 HKD during lean season when booked about 2-3 months in advance.

Timing Matters too

Here what I mean by the timing is when to do the booking for a Macau hotel. Of course if you are going on a sudden visit, then you will just book the hotel that looks good to you but when you have time to plan and do advance bookings, it is possible to save some money on a Macau hotel. A budget hotel in Macau does not remain a budget hotel 365 days a year. Due to dynamic pricing of hotels according to demand & supply, the best time for doing an advance booking for your Macau hotel is between two and three months before your dates of stay. During the last few years of my travels to Macau, I have observed that even the known budget hotels quote very high prices for booking more than three months in advance. But within two and three months, they assess the likely occupancy and adjust the prices to more reasonable levels. I have given a Meta Hotel Search Engine form below so that you can see the differential pricing according the period of advance booking yourself:
Find A Hotel in Macau Now

Hostels in Macau?

I looked for those for a long time and when I actually found and tried one, it was a disaster. There is a so-called hostel in Macau named 5Footway.inn but actually its an overpriced hotel that fails to provide even the basic comforts to its guests. There is none other.

Where are the budget hotels located in Macau?

As you will see by following the official budget hotel link below, many of the budget hotels in Macau are located on the stretch between Grand Lisboa and A Ma Temple. This entire area is within a walking distance from Senado Square and casino resorts like Wynn and MGM Grand. So location is a not a problem but the quality of the accommodation might be.

Budget Hotels where I stayed in Macau

So far I have stayed in the following budget hotels in Macau and all of these have been good except 5Footway.inn. Sadly, most of these are no longer available at budget prices, except for Macau Masters Hotel which is still cheap and really good:

Macau Government Tourist Office Budget Hotel List

The offical Macau budget hotel list can be accessed on this link:

Do Read Online Reviews

Read several online reviews of the hotel or guest house that you plan to book. Do not entirely rely on Tripadvisor but also read reviews given by the actual customers of booking sites like,, etc. that are available on these sites.

How to cut the cost

I have a suggestion here. It is better to cut one day from your planned visit to Macau rather than booking a poor quality hotel for a longer duration. My best wishes for your happy holiday in Macau.

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