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Monday, June 15, 2015

As a matter of fact I did not want such a straight forward heading for this article because this promised service both does and does not exist in Hong Kong. I had loved the Wonder Wash 24-hour self laundry service in Singapore and expected to find a similar establishment in Hong Kong. After a lot of online search and grappling with translation issues, I discovered that there was at least one company in Hong Kong that offered a coin operated self laundry service and it was open 24 hours. At that time I was staying in a hostel named Yesinn @Fortress Hill and they had refused to provide any laundry service contrary to their promise. They pointed me to a nearby full service laundry that was gentle on my wallet but not so much on the clothes. So, I decided to go out, find and try Sunshine. I did find it not far from Fortress Hill area and even succeeded in using it during my second visit to the laundry but my satisfaction level was at less than 50%. Once you read through this article you will know why I said earlier that this service both does and does not exist in Hong Kong. Keep reading...

Sunshine Self Laundry Pan Hoi Street Quarry Bay Hong Kong

Sunshine 24-Hour Self Service Laundromat Service in Hong Kong

According to Sunshine Laundry Website they have 24-hour self service Laundromat service at 11 locations in Hong Kong. It is not coin operated but instead works with the Octopus Card that is used for paying MTR and bus fairs in Hong Kong. I will give the machine operating procedure and payment instructions later in this page.

Sunshine Self Laundry Machines in Hong Kong 

The locations* where Sunshine 24-hour self laundry machines are installed:

1. Yau Ma Tei

Ground Floor, No. C, Comfort Mansion, 888, Canton Road, Yau Ma Tae
Phone: 3994 9762

2. Ching Long Kowloon City

Shop A025, Ground Floor, Ching Long Shopping Centre, Kowloon City
Phone: 3994 9761

3. Luk Yeung Galleria Shop

Shop Unit P6, Luk Yeung Galleria
Phone: 3994 9758

4. Tai Nan Street Kowloon

Shop A, Nan Yuen Building, 44, Tai Nan Street, Kowloon
Phone: 3994 9757

5. Lung Poon Commercial Centre Wong Tai Sin

Shop No. 204, 1st Floor, Lung Poon Commercial Centre, Wong Tai Sin
Phone: 3994 9756

6. Quarry Bay

Shop 5A, Ground Floor, Chung Hing Mansion, 5 Pan Hoi Street, Quarry Bay
Phone: 3994 9755

7. Ngan Tau Kok Road

Shop 6, Ground Floor, Jade Field Garden, 15-19, Ngan Tau Kok Road
Phone: 3994 9852

8. Tai Hang

Ground Floor, 1, Sun Chun Street, Tai Hang
Phone: 3994 9753

9. Shatin

Shop G12, Ground Floor, Lake Silver, 599 Sai Sha Road, Shatin, New Territories
Phone: 3994 9746

10. Causeway Bay

Shop A, Ground Floor, No. 26, Sharp Street West, Causeway Bay
Phone: 3994 9743

11. Tokwawan

Ground Floor, Cambo Building, 74, Pau Chung Street, Tokwawan
Phone: 3994 9703

*Please use Google Maps to find the exact locations of Sunshine Self Laundry Shops

How to Use and Make Payment for Sunshine Self Laundry Washers and Dryer Machines

Washing Cost

The cost of washing a maximum load of 20 lbs is 23 HKD. A wash cycle takes a total 24 minutes including final rinsing. No detergent is to be added by the customer. The machine itself injects a liquid detergent automatically.

Drying Cost

The cost of a dryer cycle for a maximum load of 25 lbs is 35 HKD that takes a total of 40 minutes.

The payment has to be made by tapping your Octopus Card at the designated spot, so better load up your card before going to Sunshine. See the process below.

The Process

Operating Process of Sunshine Self  Laundry Machines in Hong Kong

1. Note the respective machine numbers of the washers and dryers available in the shop. For example, the Pan Hoi Shop that I visited in Quarry Bay, there were three washers and three dryers. Washers were numbered W1, W2, and W3 and similarly, the dryers D1, D2, and D3.

2. Load your laundry in to a washer and not the number of the machine, say W1.

Octopus Payment Kiosk at Sunshine Self Laundry Shop Hong Kong

3. Go to the payment machine which is located somewhere in the shop, as shown in the picture above.

4. Press the button marked 'W1' if your put your clothes in washer number 1 or another respective number. Just be careful to press the 'W' button for washing and 'D' button for drying.

5. Tap your Octopus card on the panel where Octopus logo is displayed.

6. A beep will confirm the payment

7. Go back to the machine where your clothes are loaded. Lock the door and press the 'Start' button.

8. No detergent is to be added by the customer. The washer injects the detergent itself.

9. Go for a walk and come back after 24 minutes for washing and after 40 minutes for drying.

Problems with Sunshine

There are several problems here.

1. No 24-Hour Service

The self laundry service provided by sunshine in Hong Kong is actually not a 24 hour service. Between 7.00am and 9.00pm, the company uses the same washers and dryers for their own full-service operation and hence these machines are not available for self-service. Therefore, the self-service is available at the most between 9.00pm and 7.00am only.

2. Poor Wash Quality

This is a big issue. The total washing cycle is 24 minutes out of which the actual time allocated for washing of the clothes is between 4 and 5 minutes and I do not think any super detergent can clean dirty clothes in 4 to 5 minutes. Now compare that to the actual washing time of 12 minutes that is allocated by the Wonder Wash machines in Singapore. That seems reasonable but not here in Sunshine.

This problem is equally true for those customers who give clothes to Sunshine Laundry on a full service basis. Their clothes are washed in the same machines, for 4-5 minutes only and then put into the dryers. Does anyone have a washing machine at home that completes washing of clothes within 5 minutes? Mine takes a minimum of 30 minutes.

3. No Folding Tables

There are no folding tables in Sunshine self laundry shops.

4. No Place to Sit and Wait

Sunshine self laundry shops do not have even a single chair for the customers to sit and wait while their clothes are in the machines. That is why I wrote earlier that once the process starts, one just needs to go for a walk.

5. Serious Language Problem

Anyway there is no staff available in the shops during the self service hours but God forbid if you need any help, calling their helpline will be any good only if you can speak and understand Cantonese. I went there during daytime and found that the lady in the shop did not understand or speak even one word of English.  

How to Deal with the Wash Quality Problem in Sunshine

The wash quality problem can be addressed by washing the clothes twice, that is spending 46 HKD total for two cycles. That way, you will have clothes that have been washed for 10 minutes (5+5) and rinsed four times. That is expensive and still less than the 12 minutes of Wonder Wash. The other problems cannot be addressed. Also remember, Sunshine is the only company that offers a self laundry service in Hong Kong that you will likely find.

Now you know why a self service laundry both does and does not exist in Hong Kong!

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