Chillie Garden Indian Restaurant Fortress Hill Hong Kong

Friday, July 10, 2015

If not anything else, Chillie Garden Indian Restaurant near Fortress Hill MTR Station is attractive for its economy meals. Consider this: A vegetarian or non-vegetarian Indian set lunch for just 47 HKD per person! You may not see this kind of pricing in many other places in Hong Kong. They even have a 'Student' set lunch for 39 HKD. The prices are certainly attractive but let me clarify here that you get what you pay for. The quantity and quality of food in the 47 HKD set lunch is not as good as what other Indian restaurants (like Khana Khazana, JoJo, or Branto) in Hong Kong will give you. And that matters. Khana Khazana for example has an excellent value unlimited buffet on weekdays for under 100 HKD. I am not saying that Chillie Garden is all bad but my concern here is that someone, particularly a non-Indian customer, forming a poor opinion about Indian food after buying this 47 HKD Indian meal at Chillie Garden. Another important aspect here is that I bought a vegetarian set because I am vegetarian but most of Chillie Garden's clients buy non-vegetarian set which obviously at 47 HKD means more value. All that said, if you happen to be in Fortress Hill/North Point areas of Hong Kong and looking for an Indian meal, Chillie Garden is worth a try. In this page, I will give the details on their location, opening hours, menu, pricing, and pictures of the food they served me. Keep reading...

Chillie Garden Indian Restaurant Fortress Hill Hong Kong

Chillie Garden Indian Restaurant is located on the ground floor of Continental Mansion, 294, Kings Road, Hong Kong. Their Phone numbers are 93119252/35800151. To get there, come out of Fortress Hill MTR Station from Exit 'B' and turn right. Keep walking right, cross Fortress Hill Road traffic signal, Standard Chartered Bank, and a 7-Eleven, and then you reach Continental Mansion. It will take 5 to 7 minutes. The restaurant opens Monday to Saturday (Sunday Closed) from 11.00am to 3.00pm for lunch and 6.00pm to 11.00pm for dinner. The owner (a nice gentleman from Nepal) informed me that when there are not many customers around, the dinner service closes earlier than 11.00pm. So if you you are planning to go late at night, better call ahead to confirm that they are open. The dining area is small but I don't think a customer will have to wait for a table.

Chillie Garden Indian Restaurant in Fortress Hill Hong Kong

Menu and Pricing

Set Meals - Lunch Set Meal

Soup of the Day at Chillie Garden Indian Restaurant Fortress Hill Hong Kong 

Palak Paneer and Nan at  Chillie Garden Indian Restaurant Fortress Hill Hong Kong

Like I already said, the lunch set meal costs 47 HKD for both veg and non-veg options and includes soup of the day, a curry that you can choose from a list of vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries, a plain Nan (refined flour baked flat bread) or white rice, and a drink (soft drink/tea/coffee). Nan cannot be replaced with whole wheat roti or anything else and white rice cannot be replaced with brown rice. Vegetarian curry can be picked from mixed vegetable curry, vegetables masala, chana masala, palak paneer, corn mushroom curry, or navratan curry. A non-vegetarian curry can be either a seafood curry, prawn curry, garlic mussels masala, fish in coconut milk, chicken (7 variants), mutton (6 variants), beef (6 variants), or pork (4 variants). So as you can see the non-vegetarian list to choose from is big and that looks like the main draw here.  

Dinner Set Meal

They have a set meal for dinner too for 87 HKD per person.

Quality of the Set Meals

See the set meal pictures above. The soup is a small and rather watery preparation and the vegetarian curry (palak paneer) does not look so appealing. Taste-wise, everything was edible but not very good. Not sure if it was worth the 47 HKD that it cost.

Palak Paneer Served By JoJo Indian Restaurant in Wan Chai

Palak Paneer at Jo Jo Indian Restaurant Wan Chai Hong Kong 

This is the picture of palak paneer from Jo Jo Indian restaurant in Wan Chai Hong Kong. That one tasted as good as it looked and the serving size was bigger too. The color of palak (spinach) is bright green at JoJo because when palak is blanched and pureed it remains bright green. Chillie Garden's palak is dark in color because it is pressure cooked in a closed vessel and then watered down. Of course Chillie Garden sells cheap set meals but there is an obvious compromise on quality. Again, I do not know how Chillie Garden's non-vegetarian set meal is.

A' la Carte Pricing

Soups at Chillie Garden cost 40 HKD, seafood curries 82 HKD, chicken curries around 70 HKD, mutton curries 76 HKD, vegetarian curries 64 HKD, tandoori breads between 18 and 26 HKD, rice & biryani between 18 and 80 HKD, desserts around 30 HKD, soft drinks at 20-30 HKD, and hard drinks between 30-50 HKD. A 10% service charge is added to the bill. Now these prices are similar to what the best Indian restaurants in Hong Kong charge so I best hope that their a' la carte dishes are much better than what they serve as part of their set meals.

So, if I am looking to have a cheap Indian set meal in Fortress Hill, I surely will go to Chillie Garden. Otherwise, I will need to think.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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