Panjim Inn WelcomHeritage Goa Hotel Review

Thursday, July 23, 2015

When I booked a room for three nights at Panjim Inn, I had no idea that this experience would be the one to forget as soon as possible. After writing this article I will try never to think about Panjim Inn again. But right now, I must share some details with you. Panjim Inn, a so-called WelcomHeritage Hotel (I don't know what that means, and don't want to know) is located at E-212, 31st January Road, Fontainhas, Panjim (phone: 832-2226523). Its a nice area close to the Casino jetties on one side and at a walking distance from the city church on the other side. The property is an old residence, not sure of the "heritage" claim though, of the owner of this hotel. After my check-in, when I was being escorted to my room, I saw the gentleman (owner) sitting in a hall. I said hello to him but he did not respond. Later, one of the hotel's staff told me that "Sir" likes to speak only to "foreigner" guests and not to "Indians". That was strange but I was not there to make friends with royalty anyway. Now if only the hotel had turned out to be better than the owner's behavior! Keep reading...

Hotel Panjim Inn WelcomHeritage Goa

The Room

My booking was for a Standard Room at approximately INR 2500 per night including breakfast. At the time of check-in they informed me about two options: either to take a standard room in the "old" part of the hotel or go for an "upgraded" room in the newer part at the back side. They showed me two rooms in the old part first and both were stinking. Then they took me to a room in the newer part. This one was not stinking. There was a large high wooden bed and some other "old" furniture in the room and that was perhaps the "heritage" thing there.

It was still day time but I decided to get some sleep before heading off to a casino. Initially I drifted in to sleep but was again wide awake an hour later. The room was too hot because of the non-performing A.C. and there was too much noise coming from the vehicles on the road. I got out of bed and went down to tell the reception staff that I did not want their "upgraded" room. At that time they told me that "yes, the noise will be there all night too".

So was it going to be a choice between a stinking room and a room in the middle of a busy road? Then they offered me a third choice. A room in an adjoining property called "Panjim Pousada" or something like that. Some travel sites list that as a separate hotel but actually its just an extension.

Panjim Pousada at Hotel Panjim Inn WelcomHeritage Goa 

Standard Room in Hotel Panjim Inn WelcomHeritage Goa

The room there was quiet for sure but it was spooky because I was the only guest in that building apart from an occasional stray cat or a few insects around. The following three nights there I tried in vain to get a few hours of sleep. The A.C. in that room was equally bad so I used the noisy ceiling fan instead for all the three nights. The two free water bottles and the tea/coffee maker were the only positives in the room. The small shampoo bottle in the bathroom had been used up by a previous guest and not replaced by the hotel. Since I had already paid Goibibo for this "non-refundable" booking, it was a total loss situation for me.

The Free Breakfast

Free Breakfast at Hotel Panjim Inn WelcomHeritage Goa

The Cafe at Hotel Panjim Inn WelcomHeritage Goa

A look at the hotel's in-room dining menu from the onsite restaurant told me that a veggie curry there will cost around INR 200-300 and a single chapati INR 30. Now we must know that this kind of pricing is necessary to impress the "foreigner" guests. But I think the hotel should best hope for some guests to order food from the menu before they sample the free breakfast. It was Upma cooked so bad that even the worst chef in South India will laugh at, and a mixed veggie of some sort with still raw green peas and a few white peas of some variety. Absolutely no taste. I got a doubt at that time whether that was the free breakfast for the "Indian" guests only, and the foreigners would get theirs in the restaurant called "The Verandah". Let me make it very clear here that I fully respect all the tourists visiting India from other countries. I am just trying to expose a rogue establishment here.

The Apartheid

Somehow Panjim Inn seemed to be trying to keep the Indian guests away from the foreigners. The game plan of that fraud "upgrade" and showing stinking rooms first to Indian guests all points in that direction. The guy who brought my bag to the room did say that Indians mostly stay in the newer part whereas the foreigners are given rooms in the older part of the hotel. I am sure no guest from any country would like those stinking room they showed me, that means there are nicer rooms in the old part but off-limits for Indians.

Whatever it be, this article done, I am not going to bother again whether or not there is a 'Panjim Inn' in this world.
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Posted by Narinder Singh


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