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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

(Updated: August 2016) Prepaid taxi is big business at Goa's Dabolim airport. Though a public bus service very much operates from the airport, a majority of the tourists end up getting into prepaid taxis to get to their hotels. And in India, whenever we see a prepaid taxi service we are happy thinking that we are not getting cheated. Well its INR 870 for one non-A.C. taxi ride from Dabolim airport to Panjim city (34 Km), not cheap at all. A taxi driver told me that the prepaid rate includes one side full tariff and 50% of the return tariff because it is assumed that the airport taxi will return empty. So this prepaid taxi service from Goa's Dabolim airport operates at a 150% tariff. Still if you intend to take a taxi make sure to take a prepaid one because the freelance taxi drivers outside will fleece you. In this page I have given the essential information for taking a prepaid taxi from Goa's Dabolim Airport including the tariffs for all the destinations in Goa. Keep reading...
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Goa Dabolim Airport Prepaid Taxi Counters

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Prepaid Taxi From Panjim City's Kadamba Bus Stand

Prepaid Taxi Services at Goa's Dabolim Airport

After you collect your bags from the baggage belt, come out of the first gate but before you exit the second (main) gate, look for the prepaid taxi counters as shown in the picture above. Do not exit the main gate before buying a taxi voucher from here. These counters will be either to the right or left of the baggage belt gate depending on which gate you come out from. There are two prepaid taxi services here:

1. A yellow & black 'Prepaid Airport Taxi Counter', and

2. A Goa Tourism Taxi, Hotel, & Tour Counter.

The Goa Tourism Taxi service stopped working in 2016 and now that counter only deals in hotels and tours.

Air Conditioned and Non-Air Conditioned Prepaid Taxi Tariff

After the revision in the prepaid tariff in June 2016, the difference in the price of A.C. and non-A.C. services has narrowed and it makes more sense to take an A.C. cab. To give some examples, a prepaid non-A.C. taxi from Dabolim airport to Panjim city costs INR 869. A.C. tariff for the same trip is INR 921. For Candolim, the A.C. tariff is INR 1271, which is just INR 71 more than the non-A.C. tariff. Keep reading for detailed tariff card.

Service Timings and Payment

The prepaid taxi services at Goa's Dabolim airport operate 24 hours a day but there is an additional night charge of 35% between 11.00pm and 5.00am. The prepaid counter gives you two copies of the bill. You need to make the payment directly to the driver after reaching your destination. Keep one copy of the bill and give the other to the driver. Sometimes, the taxi counter people demand payment at the counter itself and in that case, nothing is to be paid to the driver.    

Prepaid Rates Revised From June 17, 2016

One very interesting feature of the increase in the prepaid taxi rates that came following the government notification of June 17, 2016 was that not only the rates, but the distances of places from Dabolim Airport also increased. For example, the distance of Panjim city that was earlier displayed as 32 Km was increased to 34 Km. Similar to that, all the distances calculated by either the government or the taxi union people themselves have been increased anything between one and six kilometres. I do not know how all the places in Goa drifted away from Dabolim Airport during the period between the previous and the current revisions in taxi rates. Anyway, the revised prepaid taxi rates from Dabolim Airport to major destinations in Goa are as under:

Prepaid Taxi Rates at Goa's Dabolim Airport (Non-A.C./A.C.) 
(Effective from 17-June-2016)

Dabolim Airport to

1. Agonda (74 Km): INR 1889 / 2001

2. Anjuna (52 Km): INR 1328 / 1407

3. Arambol (67 Km): INR 1710 / 1812

4. Arpora (50 Km): INR 1277 / 1353

5. Ashwem (64 Km): INR 1634 / 1731

6. Baga (47 Km): INR 1200 / 1271

7. Banaulim (29 Km): INR 741 / 786

8. Betul (52 Km): INR 1328 / 1407

9. Calangute (45 Km): INR 1149 / 1218

10. Canacona (68 Km): INR 1736 / 1839

11. Candolim (47 Km): INR 1200 / 1271

12. Cuncolim (43 Km): INR 1098 / 1164

13. Loliem (87 Km): INR 2220 / 2352

14. Mandrem (65 Km): INR 1659 / 1758

15. Mangueshi (42 Km): INR 1073 / 1137

16. Mapusa (45 Km): INR 1149 / 1218

17. Margao (34 Km): INR 869 / 918

18. Miramar (37 Km): INR 945 / 1002

19. Mobor (44 Km): INR 1124 / 1191

20. Morjim (63 Km): INR 1608 / 1704

21. Panjim (34 Km): INR 869 / 921

22. Palolem (70 Km): INR 1787 / 1893

23. Patnem (74 Km): INR 1889 / 2001

24. Pernem (71 Km): INR 1812 / 1920

25. Ponda (41 Km): INR 1047 / 1110

26. Porvorim (39 Km): INR 996 / 1056

27. Quepem (45 Km): INR 1149 / 1218

28. Sanguem (60 Km): INR 1550 / 1623

29. Sanvordem (55 Km): INR 1404 / 1488

30. Sinquerim (50 Km): INR 1277 / 1353

31. Terekhol (75 Km): INR 1941 / 2028

32. Vagator (54 Km): INR 1379 / 1461

33. Varca (36 Km): INR 920 / 975

Complete Prepaid Taxi Tariff Card

Complete A to Z Alphabetical List of Destinations in Goa with distance from Dabolim Airport and Prepaid Taxi Tariff

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