The Hawaii Comforts Panjim Goa Hotel Review

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I have stayed in this hotel on two occasions. After my first stay, I whole heartedly recommended this hotel on my blog. After my second stay, I have doubts whether I should have recommended it. The balance of problems-benefits now seems to be more towards the problem side. Initially too Hawaii Comforts was never perfect but in Goa where the hotel industry relies more on posting fake Tripadvisor reviews than doing anything worthwhile to ensure guests' comfort, this one hotel looked better than others. But now after my second stay there, I am hesitant in calling this one the best of all. The biggest known and incurable problem with Hawaii Comforts is the location. In a way, it is located in Dona Paula which is one of the places of tourists' interest in Panjim but then this area does not really have much to offer. The taxi & tuk tuk guys repeatedly punish you for staying in a hotel in Dona Paula because the public bus service to this area stops at 9.00pm. There is no other good restaurant around for the sake of choice so Hawaii Comforts' own restaurant remains the only source of meals. Breakfast is always included in the room price here and that is a relief, perhaps even a necessity on the part of the hotel to give free breakfast because of the odd location of the hotel. Keep reading for more...

The Hawaii Comforts Hotel Dona Paula Panjim Goa

Lobby of Hotel Hawaii Comforts Dona Paula Panjim Goa


Hotel Hawaii Comforts is located on Hawaii Beach Road, Behind Dona Paula Police Outpost. Their phone number is 0832-2451291/93. This police outpost is located right where the public bus drops you at the Dona Paula bus stop. From here, a 2 minute walk towards the sea brings you in front of the hotel. The 'beach' is another one-minute walk on the other side. The public bus connects this area to Panjim's Kadamba Bus Stand via Caranzalem, Miramar, Campal, and Market areas. One way ride on this bus costs between INR 5 and 12 depending on your length of the ride. So between 7.00am and 9.00pm, this bus service is a pure blessing but after 9.00pm, a taxi driver will ask for INR 500 - 1000 to transport you here from Panjim city. The hotel arranges for a cab to Panjim city at INR 350 one way during day time. A prepaid taxi from Dabolim airport to this hotel should cost INR 670.

Rooms and Facilities

Standard Room in The Hawaii Comforts Hotel Dona Paula Panjim Goa

Standard Bathroom in The Hawaii Comforts Hotel Dona Paula Panjim Goa

Some of the rooms in Hawaii Comforts are large, neat and clean with comfortable beds. While some others are not so comfortable. I guess after getting some good online reviews & good business, the hotel expanded its size and that has caused problems. During my second stay I got to see this expanded area whose entry is from outside the main entrance. Its behind a parking and getting in sometimes means getting your clothes rubbed against parked cars and getting wet under leaky window air-conditioners from top. The hotel now claims to provide free WiFi in the entire property but the room I got in this expanded area not only did not have a working WiFi connection but even the cell phone signal was so poor there that I could not use internet at all.

Another problem with this expanded area is the poor electrical fittings. The air-conditioner in the room looked old, made a lot of noise but failed to do its job of cooling the room. No comfortable stay and no internet even if I want to use my own mobile data connection.

To the hotel's credit, the house keeping system is good. It can be done at the convenience of the guest between 8.00am and 4.00pm. Sleeping till late is not a problem because no one comes to disturb you, though I would have liked a "Do Not Disturb" card that I could hang outside. There was none. Talking about the room furnishing, there is a small LCD TV on the wall and a small fridge is available for the guests' use. A tea/coffee maker and daily supplies are given but there is a problem with that. The coffee sachets are sealed but the tea bags are open, lose type that are touched by the housekeeping while they clean the room. Two small packaged water bottles are provided daily. Extra water bottles can be purchased or refilled from the hotel's cooler in the restaurant. There is a cabinet for keeping clothes, etc. and a hair dryer is provided on request. Bathroom slippers are not provided even in the "Luxury" rooms in this hotel and that is another drawback.

The lobby downstairs is large, with one air conditioned that is started only when guests are present in the lobby, and a few seats. The staff at the counter is courteous most of the time. The restaurant behind the counter is small but has adequate tables in view of the size of the hotel.

Free Breakfast

Daily Free Breakfast at The Hawaii Comforts Hotel Dona Paula Panjim Goa

Restaurant in The Hawaii Comforts Hotel Dona Paula Panjim Goa

The daily free breakfast includes a cold drink (juice, cold coffee, or milk shake), fresh cut fruit, corn/choco flakes & muesli, plain cold milk, poha or upma for vegetarians , eggs, some non-veg stuff like frankfurters, some baked stuff (contain eggs), and tea/coffee. Basic but OK because its free. The service in the cafe is not up to the mark. When some guests walked in for paid breakfast (INR 150) from another hotel nearby, the staff in the cafe were quick to find glasses full of water for them but not for those who were having free breakfast. For meals other than breakfast, a veggie curry can be ordered for lunch or dinner at around INR 150 and a non-veg curry at INR 200+. Quality of the food is so-so, a little too spicy but will do when there is no other option.

Room Tariff

There are two types of rooms here: Standard and Luxury. Standard rooms cost between INR 1500 and 2000 and Luxury rooms between INR 1800 and 2500 depending on the season. This rate includes breakfast. The difference in the standard and luxury rooms is not much, maybe just a glass cabin for shower in the bathroom and a balcony.

The Problems

If you are getting a room in the expanded area, the problems will be serious. But if you are lucky to get a room in the main area, the problems are manageable. Poor service in the cafe is one, and the quality of the food can also be improved. For example, they put so much turmeric powder in a plate of lentils that I would perhaps like to eat in a month. But maybe more of their guests like that kind of food or maybe their chef can only cook that way.

Spam Emails

I made the mistake of sharing my email address with the hotel at the time of check-in and since then spam emails from the hotel and their associate businesses have never stopped. I suspect they have put my email id in some commercial email list because after coming back from Hawaii Comforts, I suddenly started receiving too many spam emails from Indian businesses.

Check-in/out time

Check-in time is 1.00pm and check-out time is 11.00am. For check-out their staff start calling the room at 10.45am itself. Late night access to the property is possible. There is at least one guy there at the counter doing the night shift.

I may like to stay in this hotel if they can guarantee me a room in the main building because the expanded area looked like cheating to me. The location itself is not easy so I need to account for that extra taxi tariff to get to Panjim city and come back at night. For the return trip from Deltin Roayle, I had to pay a taxi INR 700. I am no longer sure about this.
Hawaii Comforts Guest Ratings & Tariff Comparison

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