Casino Paradise At Neo Majestic Porvorim Goa

Monday, October 12, 2015

Casino Paradise, known as just "Majesic" earlier is a part of the Pride Casino group. Apart from their two floating casinos, Pride 1 & 2, Pride group has three over-land casinos: Casino Pearl at Bogmalo Beach, Casino Palms at Baga Beach, and Casino Paradise at Porvorim just outside of Panjim. To get to this casino you need to take a taxi which from Panjim will cost you a minimum of INR 300. Coming back from the casino afterwards is a hassle that I will cover later in this page. Anyway, if you tell "Casino Paradise" to the cab fellow he may not understand. It will be better to say "Majestic - Porvorim" and then he will know where you want to go. The casino is located inside Hotel Neo Majestic (a casino 'five star' hotel) on the road that goes from Panjim city towards Calangute / Baga beaches. A bus plying between Panjim's Kadamba Bus Stand and Baga / Calangute will likely drop you outside Neo Majestic but it will be better to confirm with the conductor of the bus before you hop on. Casino Paradise is open 24 hours a day but I will not suggest going there at night unless you are familiar with Goa's roads and have your own transport. Keep reading for more...
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Casino Paradise At Hotel Neo Majestic Porvorim Goa

I have been to Casino Paradise just once and did not see the need to visit again. To my reading, Casino Paradise is meant for locals or habitual gamblers, not for tourists. There are a few reasons for why I say that. The bread & butter of the casinos and the staple games of habitual casino visitors in Goa are the two games of Baccarat and Roulette. Casino Paradise survives mainly on these two games. Gambling  happens here mainly, not playing for fun or entertainment. Food and drinks are served alright, but the service is slow and you need to be playing on a table to be able to get something.

Entry Fee

Entry fee to Casino Paradise is INR 1000 on any day of the week and it covers free buffet lunch/dinner, and snacks/house brands of drinks on gaming tables. There is no One Time Play Chip coming free with the entry ticket but there is a lucky draw held every night at 2.00am for which each and every visitor who bought an entry ticket is eligible. The casino takes care of putting your entry ticket into the draw box, you just need to be there when the draw is held to win a prize. The prizes are OTP coupons for three winners, INR 20000, 10000, 5000 on weekdays and INR 30000, 20000, & 10000 on weekends. Women players get extra lucky if they happen to be on the casino floor at 12.00am, 2.00am, and 4.00am. All women present in the casino, playing or not, at those times get a free OTP coupon of INR 500 each.


Like I earlier said, the games played mostly here are Roulette and Baccarat but there are a few others like Blackjack, Three Card Poker (both digital only, no playing cards), Tai Sai, Money Wheel, and a few slot machines. Being an over-land casino, actual playing cards cannot be used here but there must a few exceptions to those rules because you will see actual playing cards on Baccarat tables where robots can be seen dealing cards to players. It is very interesting because India may not have many robots working in its factories but its casinos are certainly ahead of their time. Digital games means the cards appear on video screens in front of the players and the the dealer. Payouts / bets are all made with actual playing chips. The Blackjack digital game here has an additional bonus game requiring additional bet but pays only sometimes. The digital 3 Card Poker has lower payouts as compared to live gaming casinos in Goa and this game appeared difficult to win for me. I do not know how lucky you will get there. Roulette and Blackjack are not my favourite games anyway so I stay away from them.

The atmosphere in the casino was not dull when I went there. There were lots of people inside but not many tourists. Like I said, its a gamblers' casino. The gaming hall is big but there is no separate restaurant. Buffet is served in one corner of the gaming hall.

Other Facilities

I do not know if I should say facilities or the lack of them. The staff at the casino appeared paranoid because they did not allow me to take my shoulder bag inside and forced me to keep it at the reception. I can always carry my bag into Deltin Royale or for that matter into Crown Casino which is an over-land casino in Panjim. Another important facility missing here is the free drop to the players' hotel. There is just no free drop. The casino offers to call a cab for you at fares starting at INR 500 depending on the time of the day or night. The location is odd, on a highway from where getting a cab or a tuk tuk yourself is not easy. If you stand outside on the other side of the road, you may sometimes get a motor bike taxi to Panjim that I was lucky to get. It was just 9.00pm but the highway was dark and looked already deserted. I wonder why any tourist will like to go to this casino. Also read: Goa's Best Onshore Casino - Strike Casino and The Messed Up Casino Industry Of Goa

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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