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Monday, October 5, 2015

Casino Pride was the second main floating casino to hit the river Mandovi in Panjim Goa after Casino Royale. Casino Royale now stands renamed as Deltin JAQK and Casino Pride has a sibling called Pride 2. Yes, there are two Pride casino boats in the river now known as Pride and Pride 2. The original one is called just 'Casino Pride' but for the sake of simplicity in this article, I will refer to the original one as Casino Pride 1. The beauty of the operation of Casino Pride is that with just one entry ticket bought at either of the casino entry points, a guest can visit both the casinos. Feeder boats connect these casinos not just with the two jetties but also ferry guests from one boat to the other. Entry fee structure for Pride casinos is simpler as compared to Deltin Royale because there are no complicated entry packages to comprehend, just weekday (Mon-Thu) and Weekend (Fri-Sun) rates. Both Casino Pride 1 and 2 open 24 hours a day except on some national holidays such as 2nd October. Please note that on such a holiday, the shut down starts at the beginning of the calendar day, at 00:00 hours and that applies to all the casinos in Goa. In this page you will find all the essential information that you need on the two Pride Casinos. Keep reading...
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Casino Pride Panjim Goa

Entry to the Pride Casinos

Entry to Pride 1 or the original Pride Casino is at Captain of Ports Jetty on Dayanand Bandodkar Road Panjim where the now-closed 'Casino Caravela' used to be. Casino Caravela's place is now held by Deltin JAQK which is located next to Casino Pride 1.

Entry to Pride 2 is also on Dayanand Bandodkar Marg towards Santa Monica Jetty and is located right next to the entry to Deltin Royale. Like I already said, guests can enter or exit from either Pride 1 or 2 and they will have access to both the casino boats through Pride's feeder boats in the river.

Entry Fee

Entry to Casino Pride 2 in Panjim Goa

Entry fee to Casino Pride 1 & 2 from Monday to Thursday is INR 2000 and from Friday to Sunday is INR 2500. One Time Play Chips worth INR 1000 are given away along with each entry ticket. This entry fee includes the government entry levy of INR 1000 for which a separate receipt is given, free buffet lunch and dinner, free North Indian snacks between 7.30 and 11.00pm in the restaurant, and free drinks and snacks on the gaming tables at all hours. Free buffet lunch is unique to Pride group casinos in Goa.

There are two more privileges that come along with your entry ticket. One, a lucky draw for all visitors that is held each night at 2.00am. OTP Chips of INR 50000, 25000, and 15000 are given away to three lucky winners during weekdays. During weekends, the amount of OTP Chips awarded goes up to INR 110000, 60000, and 30000. A guest needs to be present in the casino at the time of the draw to win the free chips and the prizes have to be claimed within an hour. There is a common draw for both Pride 1 and 2. Guests don't need to drop any coupons for this but the casino staff themselves take care of dropping the counterfoils of your entry ticket in the box.

The second privilege is meant only for women guests. Any women guests present on a casino floor after 2.00am gets a free OTP Chip worth INR 500 that has to be played with on the same night. So, it pays more to stay in the casino after 2.00am, and more so if you happen to be a women. The quality of the snacks served on the gaming tables is really good and the snacks are rotated. Fresh cut fruits can also be ordered on the gaming tables.

Entry to Casino Pride at Captain of Ports Jetty Panjim Goa


The entertainment on the restaurant floors on both the casinos is similar, mostly dance troupes from Nepal dancing to the tunes of hit Bollywood songs. Its nice but begins to seem repetitive after a while.

Quality of Lunch and Dinner Buffet

Both lunch and dinner buffets are good but the range of the food served is not as big as in Deltin group casinos, particularly Deltin Royale.

Gaming on the Casino Floors

A casino game available anywhere in a casino in Goa is available here. See the list: Texas Hold'em Poker, Casino War, 3 Card Poker, Paplu Rummy, Money Wheel, Indian Flush, Mini Flush, 5 Card Poker, Mang Patta, Andar Bahar, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Tai Sai, and Slot games. During weekdays, the minimum bets on table games start at INR 200 but during weekends, the minimum bets go up to INR 500. Roulette minimum bet is INR 100 and Andar Bahar / Mang Patta minimum bets are INR 500 even on weekdays. Slot machine games in Pride 1 and 2 are different. Pride 1 has older slot machines with a bet per line of INR 10. So with a game having 9 or 25 lines, you need to bet INR 90 or 250 for each spin. Pride 2 has newer slot machine games with 25 lines and each line bet starting at INR 1, so one can bet INR 25 for each spin.
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Casino Pride 2 Panjim Goa

Problems with the Gaming in Casino Pride 1 and 2

There are five problems with casino gaming in Pride group casinos that I would rather not like to see. I am sure the casino owners are aware of these and so will address them sometime in the future. Here's what is wrong at the moment:

(i) Poorly Designed Gaming Chips

The color patterns on the gaming chips used in table games are poorly designed and hence are difficult to read. One can easily confuse between chips of different face values. Moreover, the chips designed for different Pride group casinos are used in all of their casinos. That means, while playing in Casino Pride, you may be using the chips designed for not only Pride 1 and 2 but also for Casino Paradise, Casino Palms, and Casino Pearl. A totally avoidable confusion that can be removed with a small investment and will make the gaming operation in these casinos look more professional.

(ii) Unsupervised Gaming

Many times, the dealers at table games handle the operation alone because there is no supervisor to watch over them. Thus, a mistake by a dealer or a player may go unchecked and I can say from my personal experience that it actually happens. Of course, the 'Eye In The Sky', the cameras on top are always there but a dealer in a well-run casino is always supervised by another person standing next to him.

(iii) Goof-ups During Big Payouts

During big payouts like Straight Flush in 3 Card Poker, the dealers are required to re-count their cards before they get approval to pay the winner. many times, the dealers pick-up their own three cards and mix them with the rest of the cards and start counting. Now the supervisor or whoever has to give approval for the winning payout needs to see both the player's and the dealer's cards. Unfortunately by that time, the dealer's cards are gone. A simple solution is to have the dealer re-count their cards after the approval for the payout.

(iv) Players Asked to Keep Cards and Play Chips in Different Places

While making main bets after seeing their cards in Mini Flush, 5 Card Poker, and 3 Card Poker games, the players are required to keep the cards and Chips in two different places: the cards are kept towards the dealer's side and the chips are kept towards the player's side. An avoidable confusion again because in all the other casinos I have seen in India and abroad, the chips being bet are kept on top of the cards towards the players' side.

(v) Dealer Misconduct

This is the most serious of all. On more than one occasion (in 2015), I have witnessed dealer misconduct in Casino Pride 2. Particularly speaking, there is a dealer named Jagdish whom I saw pressurising the players to make wrong or hasty choices on a Blackjack table. On another day, this guy was under-paying the winners on Tai Sai table. A habitual offender of course and he may not be alone in this sort of practice. The casino needs to urgently check this kind of behaviour by their staff and the players themselves need to be alert at all times.

The 'Free-loader' Problem

Now this is something that the casino cannot do anything about, but I am sure they would love to if something was possible. Pride 1 is affected more by free-loaders who come to the casino to just enjoy the free drinks and the free food. Now free drinks are served only at gaming tables so these guys stand around the gaming tables drinking and eating but instead of playing themselves, they just keep making comments on other people's game. These free-loaders want to see the players' cards even before the player has seen them and then they will comment "Oh shit, bad hand". And when a player wins, the free-loaders will comment "Lucky Hai". Sometimes the free-loaders will come to a table and act like they want to learn the game. They will consume the time of the dealer and other players who will sincerely try to help the free-loaders believing that they actually want to learn the game. In reality, they don't want to learn but to just eat and drink on the table. Many times the free-loaders will even occupy seats on a table and continue their 'eating-drinking-commenting' without betting a single penny of their money. The casino allows seats to the free-loaders on the table because some time in the past that free-loader has lost some money in the casino. The free-loader problem exists in Pride 2 also but to a lesser extent. The other casino in Goa some what affected by this problem is Deltin JAQK.

Another Gaming Problem

Playing the game of 'Mini Flush' in Casino Pride will be a big mistake. Read this now.

What is Good

I still like Casino Pride 2 to an extent because it is much less crowded as compared to Pride 1 and Deltin Royale. The Blackjack, Three Card Poker, and Mini Flush tables have empty seats at almost all times. Minimum bets are still INR 200 during weekdays, and that makes this casino a little more player friendly as compared to Deltin Royale.

Buy-in and Encashment

There are dedicated cashier's cages and ATMs of a particular bank are installed in both the casino boats. Buy-in with a credit card is allowed but requires the guest to have a photo ID like a driver's licence. PAN cards are not accepted here. Let us just say that doing a buy-in with a credit card in a Pride group casino is not as easy as it is in a Deltin group casino.

Other Facilities

Both Pride 1 and 2 have a separate area for kids and families to wait while the bread winner of the family is on the gaming floor. Free drop by good quality cars is provided to the guests anywhere within Panjim city limits including Dona Paula which is not the case with Deltin group casinos. In this regard, Pride casinos score over Deltin.

Overall, I would like to say that the Pride group with almost half a dozen casinos under their banner in Goa have a huge opportunity on hand. I have met several individuals in Goa who like playing only in Price group casinos. That being said, Pride's management needs to pay attention to some of the aspects related to the conduct of gaming in their properties. After all, a casino cannot be professional if it is run otherwise.

My Advice To The Players

You should go to Pride casinos during weekends only if you are comfortable playing minimum bets of INR 500. Also know that finding an empty seat on a table in Pride 1 during peak hours is not easy, Pride 2 is better and has seats available even during peak hours. Food/drinks, etc. are similar in both the casinos. Diabetics need to know that Pride group casinos have difficulty in serving sugar-free tea/coffee, etc. The only choice available is black tea without sugar. Cocktails are served on payment basis only, even a Bloody Mary has to be purchased and is not served free so keep your drinks expectation limited to straight drinks only. Snacks are good though, particularly in Pride 1.

Just remember that gambling in any casino is a potentially harmful activity so you should be inside as long as you are having fun. The moment it starts feeling stressful, you should walk out. Also read: Goa's Best Onshore Casino - Strike Casino and The Messed Up Casino Industry of Goa

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