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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

'Chances' was a very prominent casino in Goa once. Those were the times when there were only two casinos in Panjim, a floating casino called 'Caravela' and Chances. Then it was called 'Chances Casino & Club' and the hotel that housed the casino was 'Vainguinim Valley Resort'. Now I think both are called 'Chances Resort and Casino' or something like that. Times have sure changed but not for the better as far as the fortunes of this casino are concerned. The good old 'Royal Ascot Horse Racing Game' that can still be seen in this casino comes to mind. It was there when I first went to Chances more than a decade ago and it is there even now but more than half the plastic horses that run on the make-believe track are without life - either broken or afflicted with some permanent malfunction. The health of this Royal Ascot game pretty much reflects the health of the casino itself. Keep reading for more...
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Chances Resort and Casino Dona Paula Panjim Goa

Royal Ascot is a Sega brand and either that company has refused to repair the game hardware or the casino's own cost-benefit analysis is behind the state of disrepair of the game. I guess the later is the more likely cause. The number of customers going to Chances has dwindled over the years and the current patrons are mostly those who buy 'stay-and-play-packages' from the hotel. For a Roulette buy-in of INR 1,50,000/-, the hotel offers free accommodation for three nights, all meals in the casino, and airport/railway station transfer for two guests. For a bigger buy-in, they may even give free return air tickets. I got to know of this from some guests from Rajasthan who had bought the INR 1,50,000 Roulette package and got one free room that three of them shared. They lost their bankroll in the first two days playing Roulette in Chances. On the third day they tried playing Roulette in a different casino in Panjim, and lost there too. One of those guests was talking with me and he complained about the lack of excitement in Chances. He said, winning in Roulette requires excitement around the table.

I do not know about winning in Roulette but Chances as a casino sure lacks excitement.

Gaming In The Casino

Chances has a very limited range of table games. The gaming hall is full of Roulette tables mostly, some operated by the staff and some automated. Apart from those, there is a lone Blackjack table (Digital 21) and a few slot machines. This is perhaps the only casino in Panjim where one can still see the old IGT coin-type (INR 10 per coin) slot machines. The payouts on these slots are very poor so it will be wise to avoid them. The Blackjack table is open as long as the casino can spare a couple of staff for it, otherwise that table remains shut. The "package" players and the few walk-in players who come here all the way from Panjim looking for low minimum bets concentrate only on the Roulette tables. Minimum bets on manually operated Roulette tables start at INR 25 whereas the automated Roulette tables have minimum bets starting INR 10. These are the cheapest Roulette bets you will find anywhere in Goa and that can be an advantage for someone who wants to practice Roulette on the cheap. For all practical purposes, Chances is a Roulette casino.


Buy-in can be made by using debit/credit cards if the customer can present a valid photo I.D.

Entry Fee

Entry fee per person is INR 1000 on any day of the weak. The casino opens daily from 11.00am to 4.00am.

Food And Entertainment

A buffet dinner is served for all the guests in the casino, against a coupon that can be obtained from the reception, from 8.00pm to 1.30am in the hotel's restaurant located outside the casino hall. The quality of the food is surprisingly good and fresh tandoori roti, etc. is served on the table.


Some free soft/hard drinks (beer, etc.) are served to the players on the Roulette tables. There is nothing in the name of entertainment except for some background music.

Other Facilities

The casino provides free drop to hotels within Panjim city limits but the number of cars available with them is limited. The guests need to give drop requests at the reception counter and then wait for the car to be available. Sometimes, the wait time can be even one hour.

Getting There

Approach to the casino is awkward. From Dona Paula Circle, there is a road that turns left towards Goa University. On this road, after you cross Cidade De Goa and Manipal Hospital, there is a narrow turn towards the right side. Its a road going down the hill. After a few sharp and steep curves on a dark road, one gets to see the dim lights of the resort. I wonder why these people cannot have more lights. Perhaps they need to conserve money on everything. Even the Neon display that says "Chances Casino & Club" remains switched off most of the times. But since it is an old establishment, most of the cab and tuk tuk drivers in Panjim know Chances Dona Paula. One way tuk tuk and taxi ride from Panjim to Chances costs a minimum of INR 200 and 400 respectively, that is if you are hell bent on going there. Otherwise, I would humbly suggest a trip to Crown Casino, an over-land casino, that is right in the middle of Panjim. Also read: Goa's Best Onshore Casino - Strike Casino and The Messed Up Casino Industry Of Goa

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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