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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Deltin JAQK as it is now called actually started its business as 'Casino Royale', the second floating casino in the river Mandovi after 'Casino Caravela' which is now retired and parked somewhere in a Vasco Da Gama scrap yard. It is Casino Caravela's entry point at the Captain of Ports Jetty (now officially called Fisheries Department Jetty) on Dayanand Bandodkar Road in Panjim where Deltin JAQK now welcomes its guests 24 hours each day. Yes, the casino is open 24 hours but the food/entertainment hours are restricted so it will be good to know when is the right time to visit Deltin JAQK. A very important feature of this casino boat is its open deck at the top which is accessible to  all the guests except during monsoon months. One can order drinks / snacks while being comfortably seated at one of the tables there. During the days of its 'Casino Royale' avatar, the casino used to have Russian belly dancers perform on top of the helipad for the guests present on the sun deck. Even now, just for the sake of being able to have a few drinks at the sun deck in the evening before hitting the gaming tables below is a good enough reason to visit Deltin JAQK. In this page I have given all the essential information you need to have before visiting Deltin JAQK. Keep reading...
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Deltin JAQK Casino Panjim Goa

Entry Fee and Packages

Deltin group likes the idea of entry packages, instead of just having a simple entry fee. Deltin JAQK mercifully has just two packages as compared to several that Deltin Royale has to offer.

Regular Package

The regular package costs INR 2000 Monday to Thursday and includes INR 1500 worth of One Time Play Chips. During weekends (Friday to Sunday), this package costs INR 2500.

Premium Package

The premium package costs INR 3000 during weekdays with One Time Play Chips worth INR 4000. The cost of this package during weekends is INR 3500. Now the "worth" of the OTP chips given away with the premium package is more than what you pay but the real value of these chips is not. For you to understand this, I have this article on OTP Chips in Goa Casinos that you may like to read.

What The Packages Include

Free dinner that is served from 8:30 pm to 1.00am, and entertainment (dance performances) is available from from 9:00 pm - 1:00 am on the restaurant floor. Alcoholic drinks are served from 7:00 pm to 12:00 midnight on the restaurant floor. After midnight, drinks are served only on gaming tables to the players only. These rates are not valid on blackout dates (Christmas, New Year week, special performances etc). Of course drinks/snacks are served on the gaming tables 24/7. The restaurant floor also has a snacks & bar counter next to the buffet stands where one can have North Indian snacks along with a drink. It is always better to have dinner early here because close to midnight finding an empty or clean table sometimes becomes difficult. Dance performances can be viewed while sitting on a dining table. Quality of the food and snacks is good.

Child Entry Package (6-21 years)

This package costs INR 1000 on each day with access to dining and entertainment areas but no alcohol and no access to the gaming floor.

Gaming In The Casino

The casino floor is smaller as compared to Deltin Royale and has general & VIP gaming on the same floor. The "VIP" area is segregated by a fence. Before the peak hours, some games like Mini Flush and Three Card Poker are allowed in the VIP area even at minimum bets of INR 200 but after 8.00pm, the smaller bet tables get shifted to the general area whereas the VIP tables require minimum bets of INR 500. The VIP Blackjack and Baccarat tables operate 24x7 at minimum bets of INR 1000. Outside in the general area, minimum bets on most tables are INR 200, except perhaps the Andar Bahar tables that require minimum bets of INR 500-1000. For Roulette, the minimum bets start at INR 100. The general area has tables of Blackjack, Baccarat, Mini Flush, 3 Card Poker, 5 Card Poker, Casino War, Andar Bahar, and Roulette but many of these open only after 8.00pm.


Big players, those who make buy-in of INR 1,00,000 and above, may get free incentive chips equal to 5% of the buy-in, but you need to inquire at the cashier's cage before making the buy-in. There is an ATM installed on the casino floor and buy-in is even permitted with a credit card if the player is able to produce an acceptable photo ID. There are two cashier's cages in the casino, one each in the VIP and general areas.

Slot Machines

There are a few slot machines close to the bar on the casino floor but except two machines, the others are old. Both new and old machines have very bad pay-out ratios and playing on slot machines in this casino is a sure way to lose money very fast.

Conduct of Gaming

Conduct of gaming is professional most of times. Now why I say 'most of the times' because there is a small issue about the conduct of gaming in this casino. Some of the staff working here has been around since the 'Casino Royale' days and they have made friends with some of the regular players. Now while the game at a table is in operation, the interactions between the older dealers/supervisors and those regular players become more sort of personal than professional. It would appear that the dealer wants his friends to win and the other players at the table to lose. Service of drinks/snacks and the level of the general level of courtesy on the part of the staff also varies when it comes to serving friends and 'non-friends' in the casino. I once had a personal experience when a supervisor (those guys who stand next to the dealers) told me to vacate a seat on a 5 Card Poker table because he wanted a friend of his to play on that table. Apparently I was the only player in the 'non-friend' category on the table at that time. I do not know if the casino would be concerned with this aspect but if I managed this casino, I would urgently hire staff belonging to different regions in the country, particularly at the supervisory level, so as to achieve a more harmonious operation for both the staff and the guests.

Another aspect that affects the gaming experience here is the number of non-player guests. This problem is more serious in Casino Pride but here too, sometimes with one person who is going to play, two guys accompany who just stand behind the players to watch the game. These non-players sometimes wander into the VIP areas too and I think the casino can probably stop that. Since non-player guests have also paid the entry fee and they are fully entitled to be anywhere in the casino, practically nothing can be done about this. Playing in the VIP area is one solution if one can handle the minimum bets there.

Other Facilities

There is the obligatory area for kids and families in the casino. The casino boat is parked close to the jetty and guests are taken to and from the casino in feeder boats. After leaving the casino guests can ask for a free drop to their hotel provided the hotel is in Panjim city up to Miramar. This is potentially a problem area for two reasons. Once while buying entry ticket, the staff told me that they would give me a drop to my hotel in Dona Paula but when I asked for it later that night they refused. The other problem is of very high taxi rates demanded by the taxi drivers standing outside the casino jetty. A possible solution is to walk towards the Casino Pride jetty, which is next to Deltin JAQK, and ask a taxi guy there for a quote. Actually Casino Pride has a taxi desk with fixed rates for drops to different areas in Goa. It is possible that a taxi driver there will take less money.

With stiff competition around, even from its bigger sibling Deltin Royale, this casino must be doing everything to retain or increase its business so I sincerely hope that at least the issues that matter to the management will get resolved sooner than later. For the players, there are many casinos around.

Another thing, remember that you are not going to a casino to lose money. Your idea is to win some money while you have fun playing, drinking, and eating. So be there only as long as you are having fun. You must have heard the saying "Happy Go Lucky". The moment something in the casino is making you unhappy or uncomfortable, you should just get up and leave. You can always come back another day. Also read: Goa's Best Onshore Casino - Strike Casino and The Messed Up Casino Industry of Goa

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