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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Deltin Royale is the largest casino boat in the river Mandovi in Panjim Goa. It has more number of gaming tables and gaming options than any other casino in Goa, over-land or floating. Open 24 hours, Deltin Royale offers live gaming at any time of the day or night but the games and tables available for play may be different during peak or non-peak hours of the day. Between 8.00pm and 4.00am, usually every thing is available. Live entertainment on the restaurant floor and in the VIP lounge takes place during peak hours so in case your idea of a trip to a casino is to get entertained, peak hours are the best here. Entry to the casino is from a dedicated jetty on Dayanand Bandodkar Road that goes along the river Mandovi. Guests are required to buy an entry package here and are then transported in a small feeder boat to the casino boat parked back in the river. In this page you will find all the essential information that you need to make the most of your visit to Deltin Royale. Keep reading...
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Deltin Royale Casino in Panjim Goa

Entry Fee and Packages

Entry to Deltin Royale Casino in Panjim Goa 

Entry to a casino in Goa is never free. At the minimum, you will have to pay the government levy of INR 1000 per person. Deltin Royale charges more than the minimum because an entry package to this casino includes not only the government levy but also drinks, snacks, food, entertainment, and some other facilities. The privileges available to a guest depend on the package they purchase. Drinks and snacks on the casino floor (Level 1) are served only on the gaming tables but on the restaurant floor (Level 2), drinks can be taken by anyone between 8.00pm and 1.00am. During weekends I think this service continues up to 2.00am. Going to Deltin Royale as a group or even two persons together can sometimes get you a better deal on the entry packages so do not hesitate to ask the staff before buying a package. Another thing to know is that all the casinos in Goa remain closed on some national holidays like 2nd October. The shut down starts at the midnight before the holiday so plan your trip keeping this factor in mind.

Basic Package on Weekdays (Mon-Thu)

The basic package costs INR 3000 per person that includes specified alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on the gaming table and in the restaurant, snacks on the gaming tables, and drinks & dinner buffet in the restaurant. Free 'One Time Play Chips' equal to INR 2000 (500x4) are also a part of the package.

For Early Birds

One can get the basic package cheaper, in a way, between 2.00am and 5.00pm from Monday to Thursday. I said 'in a way' because the payment to be made will still be INR 3000 but the guest will get OTP chips of a face value of INR 3000.

Premium Package on Weekdays (Mon-Thu)

The premium package costs INR 4500 and includes everything from the basic package but OTP Chips worth INR 4500 apart from the specified premium drinks. In addition, this package entitles a visitor to a complimentary entry to the VIP lounge on Level 2. This lounge is called "Whiskey Lounge" where guests are entertained to musical or other entertainment, and a dedicated service or food & drinks.

Weekend Rates (Fri-Sun)

Weekend rates for the basic and  premium packages are higher at INR 4000 (3000 in OTP) and INR 5500 (5500 in OTP) respectively.

Complimentary Entry

There is an option of a complimentary entry (the government levy of INR 1000 is still to be paid) everyday from 9.00am to 4.00pm. The guest receives OTP chips of a face value of INR 1000 but the rider is that he or she has to leave the casino at 4.00pm or buy a regular package to continue to remain on board.

VIP Package

The VIP Package includes OTP Chips worth INR 10,000 but costs only INR 8000. Of course the entry to the VIP lounge is free and one can order the best drinks like Single Malts with this package. Another advantage of the VIP package is that one can order drinks on the casino floor even when not playing on a table.

Know One Time Play Chips

While deciding on a package, one needs to know some important things about One Time Play Chips in Goa casinos, like their real value, for which I have another article that you may read here (opens in a new tab).

Player's Package

There is another package on top of these three that costs INR 20,000 but gets one Non-cash chips worth INR 20,000. Non-cash means that one cannot exchange those chips for cash. A win after placing a bet with a non-cash chip is paid out with a cash chip. That means, one can encash the chips obtained after winning a bet only but the non-cash chips all need to be bet on one of the gaming tables. Non-cash chips (also called "Rolling Chips") can be used on any gaming table except on poker tables, Indian flush tables, and slot machines. Player privileges upon purchasing a player's Package are equal to a Premium Package worth INR 4500). Rolling chips are not the same as OTP Chips because when you win a bet placed with a Rolling Chip, the Rolling Chip is returned to you along with a winning cash chip. OTP Chip, on the other hand, is not returned whether you win or lose a bet.

Play and Stay Packages

There are some other packages that include gaming privileges along with a stay in one of the Deltin group hotels. The details of these packages are available on the company website here.

Gaming in the Casino

Gaming tables in Deltin Royale include all the popular games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Texas Hold'em Poker, Five Card Poker, Three Card Poker, Mini Flush, Casino War, Money Wheel, Andar Bahar, Indian Flush, and slot machines. Minimum bet on most tables on Level 1 is INR 300 with the exception of Roulette where a straight bet can be placed with INR 200. Baccarat bets start at INR 500 whereas Andar Bahar bets start at INR 1000. Only a limited number of table games operate before 8.30pm, so you may need to wait or head to one of the VIP gaming floors to play your favourite game. Slot machine games can be played at INR 1 or INR 10 per line depending on the machine you choose. There are about 15 slot machines on Level 1 and another few on Level 3. Just remember that slot machines pay very little in any casino in Goa. About table games, it is a good idea to do some advance study and practice on the internet on the game that you intend to play in the casino. Blackjack in Deltin Royale is a little different from the other casinos in Goa. In Deltin Royale, dealer continues to draw cards on "Soft 17" that is a total of 17 when one of the cards is an Ace. This increases the casino's winning percentage slightly and proves to be bad for the players to that extent. The payouts on Three Card Poker are also different. A Flush on a hand of Three Card Poker in Deltin Royale pays three times of the Pair Plus bet, instead of four. But a "Straight" pays six times. They have an additional payout on a "Mini Royal", that is a Straight Flush made up of a Queen, King, and Ace that pays 50 times of the Pair Plus bet.

VIP Gaming

Level 1 or the main casino floor gets really crowded during peak hours making it almost impossible to find a vacant seat on any table. For those with money to burn, the casino has two VIP gaming floors on Level 3 and 4 where minimum bets are higher but seats are generally available.

Buy-in and Encashment

Each gaming floor has dedicated cash counters to do buy-ins or encash winning chips. One can buy gaming chips by charging their debit/credit cards. This will, however, require that you present an acceptable photo I.D. and agree to your picture being taken by the casino with a web cam. ATMs are installed in the casino at the main entry and on Level 1.


Entertainment in Deltin Royale Casino in Panjim Goa

Between 8.30pm and midnight, some sort of musical/dance entertainment is available on the restaurant floor (Level 2). There are lounge chairs next to the stage for sitting and watching the show. Pictures can be taken but food cannot be carried to the lounge chairs. Photography in the casino is prohibited on gaming floors.

Other Facilities

Other facilities like baggage storage, separate area for kids & families, free taxi drop within Panjim up to Miramar after leaving the casino, etc. are available. On the Level 1 gaming floor, there is usually a 'Learn To Play' table where one can practice a game for free.

My personal advice, go to the casino to have fun, gamble within your means, and do not drink too much alcohol. Do not leave your kids and family waiting for too long for you to finish playing in the casino. If you plan to spend an entire night in the casino, it would be better to come alone. If your hotel is out of Panjim or farther from Miramar, you need to know that there will be no free drop for you. There are taxi drivers always waiting at the jetty but at night they charge just too much money, so keep that in mind. I have tried to cover as many details as I could remember but in case you have any questions, you are welcome to use the comment form below. I will respond as soon as possible.
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