Ginger Hotel Panjim Goa Review

Monday, October 19, 2015

Ginger hotel in Goa (Patto Plaza, Near Kadamba Bus Stand, Panjim) is supposed to be a budget hotel and is also supposed to be good because it is a 'Tata Group' company that owns and operates Ginger hotels in India. The factual position is quite different if one looks at the state of affairs in Ginger Goa. First, look at the price: INR 3224 for a Standard single room (one person only) for one night without breakfast. This rate is not even a peak season rate, this was paid by me in the month of April 2015. Breakfast is not the only thing missing in this rate but also a few other things because this is after all a Ginger property, a sort of 'self-service' class hotel. No personal help in hauling your bags going up or coming down from your room, instead some airport-type trolleys kept near the entrance that a guest may like to use. No bathroom amenities in the room, only liquid soap from dispensers attached to the walls near the sink and the shower. No room-service, and no discounts on the room tariff. The booking sites that offer big discounts on domestic hotel bookings in India usually exclude Ginger hotels from the discount offers. Bookings at Ginger Goa are non-refundable most of the times. Now after all these exclusions, what are the guest rooms at Ginger hotels supposed to include: Clean bedding, air-conditioning, two small water bottles, a tea/coffee maker, a small TV, and a small cupboard. In Ginger Goa, they promise a free WiFi too. How many of these promises are actually kept by the Tata Group, just keep reading to know...

Ginger Hotel Panjim Goa

I have stayed at Ginger Goa three times during 2015 and this is what I have to report:

The Location

Location-wise, if someone believed that being in Patto Plaza, Panjim's best commercial area, is an advantage for Ginger Goa need to think again. Ginger Goa is located perilously close to a Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) that stinks the whole area and even many of Ginger's guest rooms for a good part of the day. I think if a guest leaves early in the morning and returns late at night, they might be able to avoid the stink but I am not sure about the hours of the day when the STP is operated. Getting a room that does not stink because of the STP is a matter of luck. The sealing of the windows is not obviously perfect.

Way From Patto Plaza To Kadamba Bus Stand Panjim

Still, a clear advantage of Patto Plaza is its proximity to the Kadamba Bus Stand, Panjim's intra-state and inter-State Bus Station. In the picture above, you may see this turn on the main road outside Ginger that takes you directly in to the bus stand.

The Guest Rooms

Standard Room In Ginger Hotel Panjim Goa

Let us talk about the hotel's internal problems now. Ginger Goa  opened several years ago. The low-capacity A.C.s (I think 0.75 Ton) that were installed in the guest rooms at that time, are still there in 2015. To sum up this A.C. problem in Ginger Goa, they have some quiet A.C.s that do not cool the room, some noisy A.C.s that do cool the room, and then some noisy A.C.s that make a lot of noise but fail to cool the room.

The hotel is in the process of upgrading air-conditioners and has installed split type A.C.s in some of the rooms on the upper (4th, 5th) floors. But all the rooms on these floors are not yet upgraded. At the time of check-in you may ask the reception staff if they have a room available with a split type A.C. If they have, you will sleep better.

Standard Guest Room at Ginger Hotel Panjim Goa

The Tea/Coffee Makers

Two out of three times, I had to ask for a replacement of the tea/coffee maker that was provided in the room. They just wouldn't start. The front office was able to send a guy within 30 minutes to change the tea/coffee maker. I just wish it were possible to change those useless A.C.s like that.

Guests are supposed to drink tea/coffee from the two paper cups provided everyday. The tea/coffee supplies provided along with the tea/coffee maker are not of a good quality.The coffee sachet is a cheap Re. 1 per piece type and the tea bags are open (lose) variety. There was a time when Ginger Goa used to supply sealed tea bags, but no more. The problem with open tea bags is that these tea bags are kept there by the house keeping staff after they have cleaned the room. Now does anyone think that the housekeeping staff will wash their hands with soap before handling the tea bags?

Guest Bathroom In Ginger Hotel Panjim Goa

The bathroom floor in the shower area in some of the rooms is uneven leading to flooding of the shower area while the guest is taking a shower. When I encountered this problem and asked for a change of room, they changed my room only on the next day. The red liquid soap provided in the bathroom used to a good once upon a time. Now it contains too much detergent and is bad for the skin.

Poor Housekeeping

I do not know if this problem is due to a policy of the management or due to some of the members in their staff who do not clean the rooms/bathrooms properly. Some of them even do not change bed linen when they are required to. During one of my stays (three-days), they did not change bed linen at all, just made the bed with the used bed linen. I once happened to ask a housekeeping guy if they would change the towel left on the bathroom rack by a guest while checking out. He said that if a guest checked out leaving a supposedly unused towel on the bathroom rack, that towel will not be changed and the next guest will be expected to use that.

Staff discipline in many of the establishments in Goa seems to be a problem and Ginger Goa is no exception.

The Never-Working WiFi

When you get to your room after checking in, the hotel sends you a text message containing a password for free WiFi. During my three visits to Ginger Goa in 2015, I have stayed in four different rooms and that promised free WiFi did not work in any of the four rooms.


Check-in / check-out time are both 12.00pm and because of that sometimes guests are made to wait before check-in while their rooms are prepared. Early check-in/ late check-out are chargeable.

Greedy Travel Desk

The travel desk in the lobby is not an honest establishment. They just charge too much. It is better to go outside and call a taxi from the roadside for going to the airport or anywhere else. That way, you will at least save 50% on the cost. The prepaid taxi counter at the Kadamba Bus Stand is also within a 5 minute walk from the hotel. A taxi to the airport from Ginger Goa should cost INR 670 for non-A.C. and INR 900 for A.C. Public bus to Goa's Dabolim Airport is also available from Kadamba Bus Stand.

Ginger Hotel Panjim Goa Lobby

Food In The Cafe

If your room rate includes free breakfast or you choose to buy the buffet breakfast for approximately INR 200 per person (7.00am to 10.30am) in the cafe in the lobby, you will be treated to something like corn/wheat flakes with milk, ready made tea/coffee, vermicelli upma, stuffed paratha with curd, and toast/butter/jam. Its not great tasting food and not cheap either. There is a room service option for dinner from 7.00pm to 11.00pm for which a one page menu is available in the room.

What Is Good

The furnishing of the rooms is OK for the price. The TV is too small but in Goa who really has the time to watch TV. There is usually a purified water can on a hot/cold water dispenser in the pantry room (one on each floor). Sometimes this water can is empty and thus the guest needs to go the lower or the higher floor in search of water. This pantry room also has an ironing board and an electric iron for the use of the guests. The hotel provides laundry service but the guest is required to drop the soiled clothes at the front desk. The cupboard for guests' clothes in the room is usually clean and that is really good because even some more expensive hotels in Goa have dirty cabinets in the rooms. There is a restaurant on the ground floor and even a small Cafe Coffee Day.
Ginger Goa Guest Ratings & Tariff Comparison

It could be a good hotel. I just hope that someone in Ginger wakes up to the problems with Ginger Goa. But I am not sure if they think they need to.

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