Vivenda Rebelo Homestay Panjim Goa

Thursday, October 8, 2015

If you go by the Tripadvisor reviews/ratings of this property, Vivenda Rebelo Homestay is easily the most popular homestay that a tourist can find anywhere. When I first looked at this option for my three day stay in Panjim in July 2015, its Tripadvisor rating surprised me. Not only was the rating a full 5 stars but there was not a single adverse comment anywhere in any of the reviews except for a remark about the bed linen by one tourist from Sri Lanka. Most of the reviewers were from outside India and I did not know what to make of anything that I was looking at. But a part of my job as a travel blogger is to take risks and hence I decided to give this homestay a try. This was going to be my first homestay anywhere in the world so I decided to call ahead (phone: +91-9326101100, email: and speak to someone at the property. My concern was about accessing the room late at night when I would return from a casino in Panjim. The call was received by the really helpful owner of the place - Mr. Deric Rebelo - and he assured me that all the guest rooms in the homestay had independent access and I would be able to go to my room at any time of the day or night. I did the booking and after my stay there, I can say that it was a good decision of mine. Keep reading...

Vivenda Rebelo Homestay Panjim Goa

The name of the homestay - 'Vivenda Rebelo' means Rebelo Residence. Its a genuine heritage property built in the traditional Portuguese style and is located in an area known as 'Campal Heritage Precinct'. The homestay can be reached via Dayanand Bandodkar Marg from a turn opposite Kala Academy in Campal, Panjim. 'Campal Hotel' is located next to this property. Panjim market can be reached from here by walk in 10-15 minutes. Cost of a suite varies from INR 1750 to 2750 a day depending on the season. It was July for me, low season, so I paid the lowest and even got a discount from my booking site.

Entry to Deluxe Room at Vivenda Rebelo Homestay Panjim Goa

When I first went there, Mr. Deric Rebelo  personally came to the Kala Academy bus stop to pick me up on his bike, really nice of him. He showed me a couple of rooms, suites actually all with a front porch, a lobby and a bed room with an attached bath. I chose the one on the ground floor as against another one that was a 'duplex' complete with a kitchenette because I did not need all that.

The Suite

Suite Lobby in Vivenda Rebelo Homestay Panjim Goa

The one that I selected had its entry from the street with a door that locked from outside the lobby. Access to the bedroom was through the lobby. This small lobby was also the dining area where a couple of sofa chairs, a small round coffee table, an old cabinet next to the wall, a small fridge and a small side table with an electric kettle for making tea/coffee completed the furnishing.

Deluxe Suite Vivenda Rebelo Homestay Panjim Goa

The bedroom inside had a double bed, a small study table, a small LCD TV on the wall, a split A.C., and a window looking towards the street outside. The bed linen was fresh when I arrived and it was changed after two days of my stay. The air-conditioner was effective even to cool both the bedroom and the lobby but I kept the door to the lobby closed when the A.C. was running. The comforter on the bed was just a cotton sheet so in there one will never need the A.C. running very cold. I think keeping the temperature set at 26 degrees for a single person and 25 degrees for a couple would be adequate.

Deluxe Room in Vivenda Rebelo Homestay Panjim Goa

Bathroom in Deluxe Room at Vivenda Rebelo Homestay Panjim Goa

The attached bathroom was clean, had all the basics but the color of the decor was black, as you can see in the picture above. Small bars of soap were provided and I even got a couple of shampoo sachets on request. Because of the shower head being a little old and the flow of the water not so focussed, one would need shower caps which were not provided. I always carry those small things with me so it was not a problem for me. May be if you ask for shower caps, Mr Deric will probably provide those too.

Two 1-litre water bottles were provided daily. On the first day, the water brand was a local one but from the second day onwards I got good brand bottles. Tea/coffee/creamer supplies enough for four days were already on the stand in the lobby when I arrived.

Free Breakfast

Vegetarian Breakfast at Vivenda Rebelo Homestay Panjim Goa

The free breakfast was a big meal that I would not be able to finish at one go, so I would save some for later and keep it in the fridge. Mr. Deric personally came to the suite every morning when the staff brought in the breakfast. This was his time to check on me if I was comfortable. He also offered to take me around to some interesting places in town but due to my preoccupation I could not take that offer.

My three days were over soon. I liked the homestay and subsequent to that have considered going back. But for my blog I need to explore other hotels in Goa, so my next chance to stay at Vivenda Rebelo is probably some time away. For you, I can recommend this place without hesitation. The main road is very close from where a bus, tuk tuk or a cab can be taken any time during the day. At night the area is deserted to try to return early unless you are coming by cab. The property is cheap, problem free, and right in the middle of Panjim. There are some nice restaurants close to the homestay. The daily free breakfast is really good and the owner is always willing to help you make the most of your holiday in Goa. I think those are enough reasons to give Vivenda Rebelo Homestay a try.
Vivenda Rebelo Guest Ratings & Tariff Comparison

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