Chotivala Indian Pure Vegetarian Restaurant Pattaya

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Chotivala 100% Pure Vegetarian & Jain Food is the best located Indian vegetarian restaurant in Pattaya. Its right opposite Central Festival Mall on Pattaya Second Road. I say it is best located because Chotivala is easier to find as compared to another 100% vegetarian restaurant very close to Central Festival Mall and also on Second Road - VT Six Vegetarian. VT Six is located inside View Talay Apartment complex and is not so visible from the main road. Chotivala has the best visibility. This small area around Central Festival Mall has another restaurant called 'Madras Darbar' which serves excellent South Indian vegetarian food but unfortunately Madras Darbar is not 100% vegetarian. Chotivala is 100% vegetarian but it has a next door cousin called 'Naan n Curry' which is under the same management that serves both veg and non-veg food. I hope all this is not too confusing. To make it simpler, let me clarify that Chotivala has a separate kitchen so its claim of being 100% Pure Vegetarian is absolutely true. I am a vegetarian and hence love to see so many Indian vegetarian restaurants in popular travel destinations outside India. That said, my first and so far the only visit to Chotivala has not been 100% satisfactory. Keep reading...
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Chotivala Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Pattaya

The official address of Chotivala Pure Vegetarian & Jain Food is: 519/4-5, Pattaya Second Road. Phone: 02-656-3113. The restaurant opens 10.00am to midnight everyday and serves North & South Indian breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between snacks in vegetarian & Jain variants. Like I already said, its location is the best among all vegetarian Indian restaurants in Pattaya. The decor of the dining hall is also the most exciting.

Chotivala Indian Vegetarian & Jain Food Second Road Pattaya

Menu and Pricing

Chotivala's breakfast menu has stuffed paratha in seven variants priced between 50 and 129 THB, poori bhaji & Chole Bhature (169 THB), and veg sandwich at 149 THB. I guess the paratha prices are for a single piece. Among snacks, vegetable pakora variants all cost 159 THB and paneer pakora costs 199 THB. Aloo Samosa is priced at 89 THB. Soups start at 139 THB, Tandoori snacks at 200 THB, and Tandoori breads start at 29 THB. Veggie curries cost between 159 and 259 THB. South Indian masala dosa costs 149 THB and a plate of idli costs 139 THB. Regular milk tea and milk coffee cost 39 and 69 THB each.

Set meals (thali) is available in two variants: North Indian and South Indian, both costing 239 THB. The North Indian set has one dal, one vegetable curry, one paneer curry, rice 2 roti or one butter naan, raita, salad, and ice cream. South Indian set has veg korma & sambar instead of veg curry & paneer curry and all the rest is same as North Indian curry. I think these are the best value items on Chotivala's menu. Everything else looks a bit too expensive. You also need to account for 7% VAT that is added to the total bill on top of the above prices. No free drinking water is served along with meals. A small bottle of water costs 19 THB + 7% VAT. Chotivala has alcoholic drinks too with prices starting at 99 THB + VAT for a small beer.

Chole Bhature at Chotivala Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Pattaya

I ordered only Chole Bhature (181 THB total) and that looked pricey in view of the quantity and the quality. The Bhatura was small, cooked more like a poori and the chole was served in a small bowl. Chole (chick pea curry) was also too oily and very spicy. I was told that the oil and the masala in the curry were similar to the street food sold in Delhi. I am not a fan of food drenched in oil but don't know how most other people visiting Chotivala feel about it. Chotivala has a restaurant by the same name in Bangkok and therefore must know what they are doing. One can order Jain food here and perhaps that will have less of oil and spices.

Too Expensive

Price-wise, I was totally not happy with Chotivala. Another new Indian pure vegetarian restaurant in Pattaya - Govindam Pure Vegetarian - which is at a walkable distance from Chotivala, has pricing inclusive of VAT and those all inclusive prices are all lower than Chotivala's before VAT prices.

I have written it in another article of mine that Indian food in Thailand is unduly expensive. It is true because one can have a Thai vegetarian meal of brown rice with three different curries at a total of 40 THB in the Terminal 21 Food Court in Bangkok. What is then so special in Indian food that a bowl of soup should cost 149 THB + 7% VAT?

130 THB For A Vegetarian Thali in Pattaya

130 THB Veg Thali Meal in Pattaya

Govindam of course is cheaper than Chotivala but there is another Indian restaurant located next door to Govindam whose name I forgot but they have a vegetarian thali meal at an all inclusive price of 130 THB. See the picture above. This thali was really good with a just one problem - there was too much chili powder in the dal. Otherwise I loved the meal. This next door neighbour of Govindam is also new but I did not find their guy sitting outside to call in customers very courteous. Their staff inside is good. They served Tea (Indian Chai) at just 15 THB but the cup and the saucer were of different designs. Again that is not a fault of their staff. Too many Indian restaurants have cropped up in Pattaya in the recent past but all of those are not professionally run. I went to this Govindam neighbour another day at lunch time but they told me that the vegetarian thali was not available. I guess it is not easy to sell cheap and be reliable at the same time.

More Choice

Recently another Indian pure vegetarian restaurant has opened on Second Road not far from Chotivala called The Dosa Hut which serves a good range of South Indian vegetarian food apart from North Indian and Chinese food.

Chotivala has stiff competition around not only from the 100% vegetarian Indian restaurants but also from all the Indian restaurants in Pattaya because they all have veggie food on their menus. I just hope at some point of time, both the quality and the pricing of Chotivala's food will become more customer friendly.

Vegetarian / Vegan / Jain in Pattaya?

Vegan Green Curry Vegetables Tofu & Rice at Five Star J Pattaya

Try Ning's Five Star J - A vegan food restaurant in Pattaya. This restaurant believes in serving freshest food using only healthy ingredients which are cooked just lightly so as to preserve all the nutrients. The prices are just right too. The dish you see above cost only 109 THB. Read more about Ning's Five Star J here.

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