Govindam Indian Pure Vegetarian Restaurant Pattaya

Friday, November 6, 2015

2015 has been a good year for Indian pure vegetarian food in Pattaya with the opening of two new restaurants. 'Govindam' 100% Pure Indian Vegetarian is one of them. This restaurant is really good for more than one reasons. Very reasonable pricing is one of them. I generally feel that Indian food in Thailand is unduly expensive and hence the restaurants like Govindam deserve our appreciation. The second reason for my liking of Govindam is its location which is within a 10 minute walk from Central Festival Mall. Its official address is a problem though: 330/1 MOO 10 Near Bella Express Hotel Pattaya Klang Road, Sub District Banglamung, Pattaya City. Frankly speaking this address appears more of a government department than a restaurant and I would have liked a more helpful address than this. Therefore, for the sake of my fellow travellers, here is how to find the place: Come out of Central Festival Mall on Pattaya Second Road and turn left. At the traffic signal, turn right on Central Pattaya Road and remain on the right side of the road. Very soon you will see this restaurant. If you have reached Bella Express Hotel, you have come too far and need to turn back (see location on Google Maps below). Actually, the official address contains the words 'Near Bella Express Hotel' because many tour groups from India stay at Bella Express and many of those tourists dine at this restaurant. In my humble opinion, this address is misleading. If you reach Bella Express Hotel and ask their staff about Govindam, they are not able to guide you to this restaurant. Another clarification is in order here - Govindam Restaurant is not in any way related to Govinda's Pattaya - Shri Krishna Vegetarian Restaurant which is run by ISKCON. Keep reading...

Govindam Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Pattaya

Govindam Vegetarian is open daily from 9.00am to 11.00pm. Free delivery to nearby hotels is available if the order value is a minimum of 500 THB (Phone: +66 94 648 8065).

Govindam Pure Vegetarian Restaurant in Pattaya

Menu and Pricing

The prices of food at Govindam Vegetarian include VAT, so you only pay what you see on the menu. The most notable items on the menu here are its set (thali) meals. Govindam Royal Thali costs a mere 180 THB. This is a complete meal with one vegetable curry, dal, 2 roti, curd raita, salad, papad, & pickle. If you spend another 30 THB, you get a deluxe thali that comes with a paneer (cottage cheese) curry in addition to all of the above. Govindam also has an unlimited thali at 250 THB that has a soup and a dessert on top of a deluxe thali. This unlimited thali serving, however, requires a group of 10 guests ordering this thali at the same time.

Govindam Royal Vegetarian Thali

A la carte menu has snacks, curries, idli/dosa, rice/noodles, non-alcoholic beverages, and a dedicated breakfast menu. The breakfsat menu is simple but good. There are five types of paratha - Paneer (160), Aloo (120), Plain & Gobhi (130), and Vegetable (140), two pieces each served with a small bowl of curd. Curries are priced between 100 and 280 THB, tandoori breads between 20 and 50 THB, a masala dosa 115 THB, idli-sambar 90 THB, chilli-garlic noodles 130 THB, paneer chilli 200 THB, and a veg samosa just 20 THB.

Paneer Paratha at Govindam Vegetarian Restaurant Pattaya

The quality of the paratha that I ordered was good, it was tawa paratha served one at a time, but the curd served along with it was actually frozen yogurt. I just hope that Govindam serves real fresh curd because after all its an Indian restaurant. For the benefit of tourists who wish to buy fresh curd while on holiday, it is sold in Thailand in packs which are marked as "Natural Set Yogurt". It is nothing but pure unsweetened curd. I have seen it in 'Tesco Lotus'.

Service-wise, Govindam is quite a friendly place, is well located and the food is not expensive. These are all the reasons why I will keep going back there.

Govindam Indian Vegetarian Pattaya Location Map

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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