The Dosa Hut - Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Pattaya

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Dosa Hut is one of three new Indian 100% vegetarian restaurants that opened in Pattaya during Aug-Sept 2015. The other two are Govindam (Central Pattaya Road) and Chotiwala (Second Road). Now including The Dosa Hut, there are a total of four 100% vegetarian Indian restaurants on the Pattaya Second Road itself, the oldest ones being VT Six Vegetarian and Saras Vegetarian. I am giving links to all these Indian vegetarian restaurants here because I am really happy to see so much choice of vegetarian food in Pattaya. The Dosa Hut claims to be unique as "The only Udupi Restaurant in Pattaya". The name suggests so but in addition to South Indian food, they have everything else on their menu too: North Indian (Punjabi), Chinese, Delhi Chaat and some more snacks. The Dosa Hut is ideally located on Second Road closer to the Walking Street side because if you are coming from Walking Street at night in search of vegetarian food, you will not have to walk too far to find this restaurant on the right side of the road (See location map below). The restaurant opens everyday from 8.30am to midnight. Excellent if you looking to have a vegetarian breakfast in the morning and as such their working hours are a real Udupi trait. Official address of The Dosa Hut is 215/9. 2nd Road, Near Royal Garden Plaza, South Pattaya (Phone number: 038 427 852). Keep reading...

The Dosa Hut Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Pattaya

Menu and Prices

The South Indian menu is adequate, starting with plain idli (3 pcs for 90 THB) and moving on to vada,upma, poha, & chow chow bhat between 120 & 200 THB. There are about 20 variants of dosa including rava dosa all priced between 120 and 190 THB. Interestingly, at The Dosa Hut you can enjoy at least two Kerala dishes: appam kurma & Kerala paratha with kurma, each at 200 THB. Then there are several varieties of South Indian rice between 120 and 160 THB and at the end there is the South Indian thali (set meal) at 200 THB. There are a couple of South Indian deserts too - payasam (180 THB) and kesari bhat (140 THB). I guess this much range provides a very decent alternative to Madras Darbar opposite Central Festive Mall on Second Road who have very good South Indian food but are not a pure vegetarian restaurant.

The Dosa Hut Vegetarian Restaurant in Pattaya

Apart from South Indian, The Dosa Hut have pav bhaji, a Mumbai staple, starting at 160 THB, Delh chaat items starting from 110 THB, and the North Indian favourite chana bhatura at 180 THB. The Chinese (Indian style) food menu is spread over two pages and hence there is almost a full popular range - soups, starters, and main course (rice/noodles/stir-fries). Price-wise, a sweet corn soup costs 110 THB, chilli paneer 150 THB, sweet & sour vegetable 170 THB, ginger-capsicum fried rice 170 THB, chilli garlic noodles 170 THB, and a vegetarian 'Yin-Yang' meal at 250 THB.

There is not much North Indian main course but thankfully they have some popular North Indian combo meals like chana-rice, kadhi-rice, rajma-rice, and dal-rice between 150 - 170 THB. Then there are desserts like ice creams & Indian sweets at 60 to 120 THB, soft drinks - tea/coffee (hot & cold starting 50 THB), lassi (100 THB), milk shakes (180 THB), and fruit juices at 65 THB each.

The Dosa Hut has a full bar and their bar menu is exhaustive too. There is a decent selection of wines sold by the bottle (starting 1100 THB) or by the glass starting at 100 THB. Scotch/rum/vodka/gin, etc. start at 100 THB for 30ml, and beers start at 80 THB. 7% government tax is added to the bill.

Quality of the food

Fried Snack At The Dosa Hut Indian Restaurant Pattaya

I spoke to one of the partners in the restaurant and he said that the effort is not to make the food too oily and a choice of spice level is offered to the customer. I tried a fried snack and a North Indian combo meal and both were good. The restaurant being new, some additions/deletions to the menu were in process and hence a few things might change in the days to come. I liked The Dosa Hut as it is now and hope that it gets even better in the days to come.
The Dosa Hut Location Map

The Dosa Hut Pattaya Location Map

Vegetarian / Vegan / Jain in Pattaya?

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