Chantara Massage Shop Patong (Phuket)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Chantara is perhaps not listed or reviewed on Tripadvisor and hence will not count among the top massage shops in Patong (Phuket). It is also not in the league of "Lets Relax" type of expensive massage outlets. And actually there are just too many massage shops on Patong's Beach Road and Rat-u-Thit 200 Pee Road, some good and some not so good. Cost of a Thai massage or oil massage is usually within 400 THB and hence it doesn't really require much of a thinking before one ventures in to a massage shop. More often than not, it will be at the invitation of one of the several masseuses sitting outside the shop to solicit customers. During my stay in Patong, I got body massage in one expensive and a few cheap massage shops and if I have to go to a massage shop there again, I would rather go to 'Chantara Massage'. One reason for my liking of this place is that I got really good oil and Thai massage there. And this reason is important. If my personal experience were not good, I would perhaps not write this article. Yet after seeing the place and talking to the owner and their staff, I feel confident that any customer will get a good value for their money at Chantara. This place reminded me of a massage shop on Beach Road in Pattaya - Nantika Physical Thai Massage which I had also liked. Keep reading...

Chantara Massage in Patong (Phuket) 

Finding Chantara is easy. I have given their location map below but here's how to get there. Come out of Bangla Road on the Rat-u-Thit 200 Pee Road and turn right. Walk a few minutes. Once you cross Christin Massage's big building, keep walking a little ahead. Soon you will see Chantara on the left side of the road under a sign board of "The Artist Studio Gallery". Chantara Massage opens daily from 10.00am to midnight. Their phone number is 0856411384.

What is Good

Chantara Massage Patong (Phuket)

The front hall of shop is big with the just a few foot massage chairs and the rest of the floor is empty. The decor is basic but nice and the atmosphere appears relaxed. Body massage cabins are in the back, separated by wooden walls rather than just curtains. The cabins are not too small either and there is enough space for the masseuse to move around and give a proper massage. Free WiFi is available in the massage shop. Pricing is very reasonable and I found three massage options on the menu that I have not seen anywhere else in a massage shop in Thailand:

- Cuban Cream Massage
- Brazilian Massage
- Russian Ultra Touch

I still do not know about these massage treatments because during my one and only visit to Chantara I got a one hour Thai and one hour Oil massage. But these options surely give me a good reason to go to Chantara again and I will do that.

Chantara proved a better bargain for me than an expensive spa across the road from Chantara called 'De Flora Spa'.

Chantara complete massage menu with prices is as under:  

Thai Massaege: 300 THB /60 min

Foot Massage: 300 THB /60 min

Head & Shoulder: 300 THB /60 min

Oil Massage: 400 THB /60 min

Thai with Oil Massage: 500 THB /60 min

Brazilian Massage: 500 THB /60 min

Aromatherapy: 600 THB /60 min

Cuban Cream Massage: 500 THB /60 min

Russian Ultra Touch: 500 THB /60 min

Chantara Massage Location Map

Location Map of Chantara Massage in Patong (Phuket)

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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