Late Night Vegetarian Food in Pattaya

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Entertainment in Pattaya goes on late into the night. Drinks and some kind of food is also to be found everywhere close to the entertainment establishments. But what about vegetarian food? Has it happened to you in Pattaya - feeling hungry late at night and not being able to find any veggie food? Fortunately there are a few late night options in Pattaya for the customers looking for green dots in the restaurant menus. OK, let me clarify here that a green dot in a restaurant's menu outside of India may also signify 'Halal' meat so in Pattaya, a green dot has to be read carefully. Let's come back to vegetarian food. In Pattaya there are two types of late night vegetarian food options: Regular Food and Junk Food. Keep reading...

Royal Garden Plaza Beach Road Pattaya

Regular Vegetarian Food

If you are interested in Thai/Oriental vegetarian food, the only place I know is Five Star J that remains open only up to 11.00pm, hardly late night by Pattaya standards. But some Indian restaurants located on Beach Road and Second Road where vegetarian food is also served along with non-veg can be found open up to 1.00am or even 2.00am. The last order in such places will have to be placed at least 30 minutes before they close shop. But its all dicey. I have seen only one Indian restaurant close to Central Festival Mall on Second Road that claims to remain open up to 2.00am. On Beach Road there is one that operates up to 1.00am. There may be a couple of others too if one can take the trouble of walking around in search of veggie food at that hour at night. But trying to be health conscious in Pattaya and that too in the middle of the night will surely be a challenge and therefore you may like to try the option of vegetarian junk food. Read on...

Late Night Vegetarian Junk Food in Pattaya

Before I write about this, I have an alert to share. During my several trips to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand, I have had to rely on a "vegetarian" Subway sandwich as an emergency meal. I almost always chose "Veggie Patty" sandwich because it was something more than the "Veggie Delight". Very recently I discovered from the Subway website that the patty in the "Veggie Patty" contains egg whites as one of the ingredients. It came as a shock to me and I am not entering a Subway outlet again. But this could be a problem with the other junk food options that I am going to write about here. The products that they sell as vegetarian may also contain eggs or something else. I know that many Thai restaurants serve so called "vegetarian green or red curry" when they know that the curry paste used by them contains shrimp paste. So choose wisely.

Burger King

Burger King Royal Garden Plaza Beach Road Pattaya

This Burger King outlet in the Royal Garden Plaza on its Beach Road side remains open 24 hours a day. They have three veggie sides and a veggie burger on the menu. The veggie burger is served as long as the stocks last but the veggie sides - Onion Rings, Hash Browns, and French Fries are available at any time of the day or night. The cost of a large serving of these snacks is around 100 THB and they periodically have a 50% off sale on any or all of these three items. Small size portions retail at about 50 THB.

The Pizza Company

The Pizza Company Beach Road Pattaya

This 'The Pizza Company' Outlet on Beach Road remains open up to 4.00am and they have a nice veggie pan pizza on the menu that is available in personal, medium or large sizes. Its not cheap - I think over 150 THB for personal - but is good when there is no other option.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Beach Road Pattaya

Pizza Hut outlet is close to The Pizza Company on Beach Road and remains open up to 3.00am. Their veggie pizza is a bit more expensive than The Pizza Company's veggie offering. But still its another option.


24-Hour McDonalds on Beach Road Pattaya

McDonalds may only have French fries to offer to vegetarians but they are open 24/7. McDonalds is also on Beach Road not far from the other junk food joints. If you start on the Beach Road from the Walking Street side, you will find all the above junk food outlets one after the other. Read more about vegetarian food in Pattaya.

Let me warn you again, I am not 100% sure than any of these junk foods that appear to be vegetarian are actually vegetarian. So good luck.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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