Buying A Prepaid SIM Card At Don Mueang (DMK) Airport Bangkok

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Many budget flights that arrive into Bangkok land at Don Mueang Airport. But for the tourists looking to buy tourist-specific prepaid SIM cards, the available choice at DMK airport is not so great. Still whatever the choice be, it is recommended to buy a prepaid SIM at the airport because once you reach Bangkok or Pattaya, buying a tourist-SIM may be very difficult if not impossible. The price you pay is also an issue. Mobile companies' own shops sell tourist-specific SIM cards at official prices, but out on the street you will pay at least double. A SIM shop in Pattaya once asked me 299 THB for a 50 THB SIM. In this article I will share whatever information I could collect on the availability of prepaid SIM cards at DMK airport. Keep reading...

Where To Buy

At DMK airport, SIM shops are located on the ground level. This level is two stairs below the visa/immigration level. After visa/immigration, you come down one level to the Customs Green or Red channels. After you go through the Customs, you come down another level where Taxi, public buses, etc. are available. This is the ground level. Once you get down the escalator, turn left for the SIM shops.

True Move Tourist SIM Shop

True Move SIM Card Shop at DMK Airport Bangkok

True Move is the only mobile company that has an official SIM shop at DMK airport. This shop opens daily from 5.30am to midnight and True Move's Tourist SIM cards can be purchased here. The company's staff also help in checking balance, activating data plans, etc. for those who already have True Move SIMs in their phones.

Private Shops

Private SIM Card Shops at DMK Airport Bangkok

You will need to go further left after the True shop for these. There are two private shops at the same level that stock SIM cards of AIS, True Move, and DTAC. I always found these two shops open so probably they open 24/7 but I am not sure of that. No one should expect to be able to buy SIM cards ar official prices at these two shops but they come handy when there is no other option and you need a SIM card before leaving the airport. I saw a lot of advertising for SIM cards there including offers like Buy 1 Get 1 Free. The prices of SIM cards advertised in these two shops were 129 THB, 199 THB, and 350 THB.

SIM Card Prices at DMK Airport Bangkok

It is highly recommended to do some study in advance from the mobile company websites before you arrive at DMK airport. You will need to know what are the variants of tourist SIM cards that the companies sell and at what prices. Private SIM shops paste some stickers on the SIM packs to cover the place where the official price is printed and then they just lie to the customers. For example, mobile companies usually have four variants - Free, 49-50 THB, 199 THB, and 299 THB. The 299 THB SIM will come with unlimited 3G internet for 7 days and a 100 THB talk time. If you are arriving between 5.30 and midnight, and have nothing against True Move, I will suggest buying your SIM from them. Please see my other articles on Tourist SIM Cards in Thailand here.


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Posted by Narinder Singh

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