Nightlife on Bangla Road Patong (Phuket)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Night life in Patong is concentrated in and around Bangla Road that has Beach Road at one end and Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Road (Jungceylon Mall) at the other end. Let us call this other end 'Jungceylon end' because the main entry to Bangla is almost opposite Jungceylon. Bangla Road sees a crowd of tourists all day and the beer bars start business in the afternoon but the real night life establishments start coming to life only after nightfall. The go-go bars and the so called strip clubs/sexy shows, etc. start first followed by the discotheques/night clubs. If one is going to Bangla for the purpose of visiting such establishments, a good time to go will be after 9.00pm. In this page I will give the details of whatever I could learn about the night life options here. Keep reading...

Bangla Road Patong Beach Phuket

Discotheques / Clubs

Discotheques on Bangla Road easily beat any other night life option, in terms of both quality and affordability. There are several clubs on the street and almost all see a good crowd of visitors. Some offer free entry while some others may charge starting 300 THB upwards. Some even offer free entry and free drinks if one is able to lay hands on the vouchers handed out by some nice looking ladies in Bangla Road. Almost everyone is welcome. It is rare for a night club to turn away a visitor and during the lean season months, their employees are even out on the street inviting people in. Drinks are cheap and not compulsory to order. But one cannot bring in a drink from outside. Inside there are DJ's, loud music, hi-tech lasers, giant LED screens, and plenty of ladies. One can dance, drink, smoke (shisha, etc.), or just be there and watch what's going on. There's no one to bother you. Of course every once in a while a server may ask you if you like to order a drink but you can politely say no and its all right. Prices of drinks are upwards of 150-200 THB. Clubs open at 10.00am and remain open upto 4.00am or even later. If you are going to Bangla Road during July-early October, you will get a free entry and will be treated like a VIP in any nightclub there. See pictures below...

Seduction Nightclub

Seduction Night Club Bangla Road Patong Beach Phuket


Illuzion Night Club Bangla Road Patong Beach Phuket

Tiger Night Club (Above Tiger Bar)

Tiger Night Club Bangla Road Patong Beach Phuket

Tai Pan (Opposite the Jungceylon side entry of Bangla Road)

Tai Pan Night Club Bangla Road Patong Beach Phuket

Tai Pan Parade

Tai Pan Marketing Parade on Bangla Road Patong Beach Phuket

Beer Bars and Bars With Pole Dancers

Crazy Horse Beer Bar Bangla Road Patong Beach Phuket

Beer bars with pole dancers are everywhere on Bangla Road. But the best pole dance performances can be seen at Crazy Horse. Its on the main road and you will not miss it. Drinks at the beer bars with pole dancers will start at around 199 THB. Other beer bars, some also with casual dancers, sell drinks starting 99 THB. A bottle of water (500ml) at beer bars starts at 40 THB and it is considered ok if you sit there and order just a water.

Go-Go Bars

Go-Go Bars on Soi Sea Dragon Bangla Road Patong Beach Phuket

Most of the go-go bars are located inside Soi Sea Dragon. This soi is after Crazy Horse and the sign "Sea Dragon" is put up on the top left side of the Soi's entrance. More than half of the go-go bars on this Soi are owned by a single business - the Suzi Wong group, but still all bars have different pricing of drinks. There is another go-go bar on the main road towards the Jungceylon end called "Upstairs" and true to its name, it is located on the first floor. There is no entry fee to any of the go-go bars but once inside, one is supposed to order a drink. Most of the go-go bars offer free-look for a minute and if you do not like the place you can just walk out without sitting down. If you sit down, however, you need to order a drink. Only one bar there called "Harem" refused a free look. They said if I entered I would have to buy a drink. There is no way to know the prices of drinks in such a bar and hence if anyone says no free look, do not enter. Prices of drinks start at 85 THB or so for a beer. A bottle of water however may cost you 100 or 150 THB there even if a beer costs less. There is one go-go bar where all drinks are priced at 190 THB and that is true even for a small water bottle. A water bottle costs less if you can drink from the bottle itself but if you want it in a glass with ice, then the price will be more. Ordering a water in a go-go bar is acceptable.

What Happens Inside Go-Go Bars

There are several ladies in various stages of undress, some can be seen dancing on a high platform in the centre of the bar while others are engaged in some unspeakable acts. Customers are encouraged to buy "lady drinks" for the ladies and prices of lady drinks start at 200 THB. It is a good idea to know the price of a lady drink or for that matter of any drink before ordering. At some bars, one is expected to pay at the time when the drink is served while at some other bars, your order slips are left in a container in front of you for payment at your convenience. Do not expect to leave without making a full payment because the bars maintain computerized record of all drinks ordered at all tables and a bouncer is usually called in to settle any billing disputes. Quality of the go-go bars on Bangla Road has been on a gradual decline lately and now most of the go-go bars put up a rather pitiful show. It is not a good idea to spend too much time or too much money in these bars.      

What To Avoid on Bangla Road

Sexy Shows / Russian Shows

Anything with the name "Russian" attached to it is best avoided. The so-called Russian shows / Russian Strip clubs / Russian Sexy Shows are the most heavily marketed business on Bangla Road. All will promise free-look / free-entry but the prices of drinks inside are much higher than other bars on the road. All sorts of tricks are used by the "Russian" ladies inside to make you order more drinks and lighten you wallet as soon as possible.

Ping Pong Shows

Ping Pong shows are marketed by agents both men and women, even young girls who are everywhere in and around Bangla Road. There are some even at the entry of Jungceylon Mall and all will promise free entry, no compulsion of ordering drinks but you need to know this: a Ping Pong Show in Thailand only means one thing - a scam. The agents get paid on the basis of the number of customers they bring in. These agents are not even regular employees of the Ping Pong show owners. Actually its a part-time business for the agents, hauling in customers to the scam show. You need to totally ignore Ping Pong shows anywhere in Thailand.

In general, never follow an agent on Bangla Road, no matter what he or she is promising. The night life establishments are all right there in the open and if something is going on behind the scenes in a side road, you do not need to go there. If you do, most probably you will get scammed.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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