Recharge (Top Up) Any Thailand Prepaid SIM From Anywhere In The World

Saturday, March 19, 2016

This facility may not be something new but has recently has become a lot better, actually so much so that it cannot get any better. This is relevant when you have a Thai prepaid SIM, have left Thailand without using up all the balance on the card, and would like to top up the card to extend its validity so that the card will still work during your next visit to Thailand. It is also relevant when your SIM number is tied up to a Thai international calling card like Bolo or VIP. If your SIM gets de-activated, you will not be able to use the calling card too thus losing the remaining balance on that. I have had all such problems and never had a perfect solution. Yes there were a few options before, like directly doing a top-up through the website of the mobile phone company (DTAC, AIS, TRUE) or using the "helpful" eBay operators based in Thailand to do a recharge for you. Both these options sucked. The first one, doing a top up on the company website never worked for me because both my Indian banks - Citi and ICICI refused to approve any credit/debit card transaction when the beneficiary was a Thai business. The eBay option was not attractive because it cost twice the money and had a 50% reliability. I am happy to report that those are things of the past. Keep reading...

True Move SIM Card Shop at Don Mueang Airport Bangkok


This Thai business has taken all the trouble out of doing a top up (recharge) of a Thai prepaid SIM from anywhere in the world. See the advantages -

- You get what you pay

If I pay 100 THB to to recharge my Thai SIM, I get a full 100 THB credited to my Mobile account. No commission, no service charges, no deduction.

- Online Payments Really Work

I was able to make an online payment from India using my Citi credit card to to recharge my True Move prepaid SIM. I paid 100 THB, got a balance credit of 100 THB and the validity of the number got extended by 30 days, just like I would have got by doing a top up at a 7-Eleven in Thailand.

- All Thai Mobile Operators Supported supports AIS, DTAC, 12Call, and True Move.

- Many Payment Options

Payment to can be made using your Visa or Master Card (debit or credit), PayPal, or even Bitcoin.

- Can Register on Website

You can register on and have the benefit of saved transaction history and quicker subsequent top ups, and even a regular scheduled top up, say every month.

How To Type SIM number on

+66 is already displayed on You need to enter your number without a zero. Even if the SIM pack shows your number as 0xxx xxx xxx, you do not need to enter zero here for the top up.

Just a few things to note. Check the validity extension scheme of your mobile operator before doing a recharge. The validity extension will vary across mobile operators and also varies according to the amount of recharge. For example, a 100 THB recharge may get only 30 days validity but a 300 THB recharge may get 90 days. Remember to store your Thai SIM number in a separate place, like on a written note or online before leaving Thailand. Also check the remaining validity of the Thai SIM so that you can do the next top up before the validity expires.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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