Best Paying Slot Machines And Best Slot Casino In Macau

Monday, April 25, 2016

(Updated October 2016) Best paying video slot gaming machines in the casinos in Macau are those with the highest winning percentages for gamblers. In this page I will reveal where you can find these slot machines. But unlike in Las Vegas, casinos in Macau do not talk about winning percentages of their slot machines. There are no 'certified loose' slot machines in Macau. Generally speaking, slot machines in Macau are referred to as "hungry tigers" that will gobble up whatever money you show to them and give nothing back. And this is absolutely true about all the Chinese owned casinos. The American owned casinos, at least some of them, have set their slot machines to pay back some of the money bet by the players. Before moving on to the revelation, some basics on the working of casino slot machines need to be understood. Keep reading...

Slot machines at the Venetian Macau

'Tight' or 'Loose' Setting

A casino manager is always at liberty to decide a slot machine's winning percentage by setting it at 'loose' or 'tight' or somewhere in-between. When a slot machine is set at 'loose', it will pay back around 95% of all the money bet on the machine. A 'tight' machine will pay less than 85%. From my years of experience playing slot machines in Macau, I can tell that there are absolutely no 'loose' slot machines there in any casino. Some Chinese owned casinos have slot machines programmed to pay back less than 85% but most others keep the percentage between 85 and 90%. Now there is one casino in Macau where you can find slot machines paying over 90% and that is the one I will tell you about.

The Casinos To Avoid

If you are looking to play and win at slot machines, you may want to avoid any casino owned by a Chinese company. These casinos mostly have Baccarat tables and keep a few obligatory slot machines around to keep the girlfriends of the punters busy. The games themselves are boring and the winning percentages are the worst. Enough said about those.

What About The American Owned Casinos?

I am talking about the Sands / Venetian chain, Wynn Palace / Wynn Macau, and MGM here. The Sands / Venetian chain is a little better than the Chinese owned casinos when it comes to the winning percentages of their slot machines but among the American owned casinos, I will classify them as bad. I have played on slot machines at Sands Macau in the Macau peninsula, The Venetian in Taipa, and also at Sands Cotai Central opposite The Venetian. If I compare a slot game at a Sands / Venetian casino with an identical slot game at Macau's best casino, the machine at Sands / Venetian will pay very little even if you hit a bonus game while playing. Sands / Venetian casinos in Macau seem to survive on the losses of unsuspecting casual gamers (tourists) because I do not think any regular slot player will like to play there. I am saying this after having lost a good amount of money just to experiment, to know the truth. Not many people will do such a stupid thing but I have done this just so that I am able to tell you which casino to avoid. Trust me, if you are into slot machines, you should avoid Sands / Venetian casinos in Macau with one exception - The Parisian.

The Parisian

The Parisian opened in September 2016 and at least in the initial few days, their slot machines seemed to be paying well. I strongly suspect that this generosity of the casino is temporary but if they continue to pay better than the rest of the properties in their group, it will be my favourite casino. Perhaps the competition from Wynn Palace is keeping The Parisian people on their toes.

Wynn Palace

Similar to The Parisian, the fresh atmosphere in the Wynn Palace casino was complemented by a rather large hearted payouts in slot machines. Again, this might just be an initial policy. Let us wait and watch.

Wynn Macau

Wynn Casino in the Macau peninsula is the worst American owned casino in terms of winning percentages of slot machines. No doubt Wynn has been the best in terms of the ambiance and atmosphere for table gaming particularly after the government banned smoking in gaming areas, but when it comes to slot machines, Wynn is as bad as any Chinese owned casino. I like to go to Wynn only to change a foreign currency in to HK Dollars because they seem to offer the best exchange rates among all casinos in Macau. But that's it. If I ever decide to sit at a slot machine there even for a few minutes, I lose money. And to be able to say this, I have lost real money at Wynn experimenting on different slot machines at different bet levels and at different times. The result is always the same.

Galaxy Macau / City Of Dreams / Studio City in Taipa Macau

I am about to reveal the best casino in Macau in terms of winning percentages of slot machines but let me just get Galaxy, City of Dreams, and Studio City out of the way first. Of these three, Galaxy and Studio City are good in terms of entertainment. In comparison, City of Dreams is totally boring but in terms of slot machine winnings, all three are equally bad. If you have to choose between one of these three casinos, I will suggest Studio City and Galaxy for entertainment and table games but City of Dreams is good for nothing.

The Best Casino in Macau For Slot Machine Games

Before The Parisian and Wynn Palace opened, MGM Macau (peninsula) used to be my favourite slot casino in Macau. But in the second half of 2016, they started disturbing things. Many of the old slot games have been removed and replaced by electronic multi-player table games. In September 2016, MGM Macau's slot machines had become worse, similar to the Venetian in terms of payouts. Still, MGM Macau is a player-friendly casino. The free drinks at MGM are the best in Macau and everything is in one big hall, not at all confusing like Wynn Macau.

The Game To Avoid

Fortune 88 Slot Game in Macau

The one slot game that I have found to the most popular in Macau is called "Fortune88" or something like that. From the picture above you will recognise the game. This is an expensive game and has the best jackpots but pays very little in any casino. Even in MGM Macau, this game pays very little and again, to be able to say this I have played this game with real money at MGM at different machines, at different bet levels, and at different times. Avoid Fortune88 totally in any casino or play briefly within your means to see if it works for you.

How To Pick The Best Slot Games

Having landed at your favourite casino, how do you decide which casino game to play? Its simple actually, just listen to your heart. If you pass by a slot machine and like its video or sound or the surroundings, give it a try. Do not play on a slot machine as if its an obligation. Play 10 spins and if you have lost more than 5 out of the 10 spins and your credits are down, maybe you should try a different machine. A slot machine will not start paying out just because you want it to. My experience of The Parisian / Wynn Palace tells me that new casinos like to keep their slot machines a little loose in order to attract people. This may not, however, be true for a Chinese owned casino.

Warning: Let me say this again - casino gambling is a very risky activity and may result in total financial ruin. So please, for your own sake and for the sake of your loved ones, play responsibly.

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Posted by Narinder Singh

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