'Friends Massage' On Beach Road Pattaya

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pattaya, as it is, is a difficult place to find a massage shop where no hanky-panky takes place. In other words, how many massage shops one can find in Pattaya that offer a clean and professional massage service that is not too expensive. I have always been on the look out for such a massage shop and in March 2016, I was lucky to find one very close to my requirement and that too almost on the Beach Road. I am happy to share this find with my fellow travellers. This massage shop is called 'Friends Massage' and is located on Soi 13/4, next to hotel Taj Place Residency. Let me describe the location. If one comes out of Walking Street and starts walking on the Beach Road, there is a right turn (Soi 13/4) where one sees 'Maharaja Indian Restaurant' on the left side at the beginning of the Soi. Taj Place is opposite 'Maharaja' and after Taj Place, one can see this nice little shop called 'Friends Massage'. I have given the location map of the shop later in the page. Keep reading...

Friends Massage Beach Road Pattaya

Friends Massage Pattaya

Friends Massage opens daily from 1.00pm to 3.00am, and given the fact that the shop is so close to the night life center of Pattaya, I think the shop timings are very convenient. Again, I did not find any funny activity happening here. The shop's phone numbers are 0800827882 and 0852504540. The staff at the shop, both male & female, dress smartly in blue tops and black trousers.

Massage Options and Prices

Apart from the regular foot and body massages, they also offer a body scrub. Among the body massage menu, there are few interesting options like 'Milky Cream Massage', and 'Aloe Vera Massage'. Prices are the lowest that one would find anywhere in Pattaya. A 60 minute foot or Thai massage costs just 200 THB and given the location and the quality of the shop, I think these prices are a steal. See complete menu and prices below. Foot massage chairs, Thai & oil massage beds are all clean and comfortable. Oil massage & body scrub beds are tall, spa type. When I asked, they agreed to do an oil massage for me on the low bed that is used for Thai massage. I somehow never find those tall & narrow massage beds very comfortable. Good that Friends Massage game me an option to choose the bed. The choice between male and female staff is available. I was there during Songkran festival and because of the festival, half of their staff were away on holiday. I was told that the shop employs over 12 massage therapists. During my four days in Pattaya, I got a foot massage, an oil massage, and a Thai massage in this shop and liked the massage every time.

Massage Menu
(60 minute prices)

Foot Massage 200 THB

Thai Massage 200 THB

Head & Shoulder Massage 200 THB

Oil Massage 300 THB

Aroma Massage 450 THB

Aloe Vera Massage 500 THB        

Coconut Oil Massage 500 THB

Body Scrub 500 THB

Herbal Massage 450 THB

Milky Cream Massage 500 THB

The menu is basic but more than adequate. And since the prices don't pinch, the massage become more enjoyable. I just hope I find Friends Massage as friendly during my next trip to Pattaya

Friends Massage Location Map

Friends Massage Beach Road Pattaya Location Map

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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