An Indian Hotel In Bangkok That Does Not Want Indian Guests - Hotel 'Smart Suites'

Thursday, June 2, 2016

It was something new for me. Even though during my several previous trips to Thailand I have come across several Thai or Farang business establishments that discriminate against Indian customers but had never been to an Indian owned business that hates Indian customers. Hotel Smart Suites at the far end of Soi 11 in Sukhumwit Bangkok proved to be a very unpleasant experience. It was roughly a 1100 THB a day room (March 2016) and I was expecting some quality after reading a few Tripadvisor reviews. Later I learned that many of those reviews were fake and had been posted by the hotel owner himself. After my review of this hotel appeared on Tripadvisor, they quickly dumped half a dozen fake positive reviews there so as to push my review down in the page. One of the fake positive reviews was from a "guest" who had earlier reviewed this hotel six times or so on Tripadvisor and was singing its praises every time. A cool strategy... whenever a negative review appears, quickly dump a few fake positive reviews to suppress the truth. Anyway, fake reviews on Tripadvisor are nothing new. Now I need to report what is wrong with this hotel. Keep reading...

Hotel Smart Suites Soi 11 Sukhumwit Bangkok

Hotel Smart Suites is owned by an Indian businessman who also owns another lodge on Soi 21 and also a tailoring shop nearby. A Thai lady is posted at the front office whose primary job is to suck up to Farangs and misbehave with Indian guests who occasionally turn up there. Her tone and the expression on her face were such that she would have liked for me to die before she gave me the key to a room. The idea of misbehaving is to convince the Indian guests that they made a mistake by coming to the hotel and once they check-out, they should never return. When a Farang guest walked up to the front office, the conduct of the Thai lady suddenly changed. I understood this clearly. For this Indian business, the ultimate measure of success is to have Farangs as customers either in the hotel or in the tailor shop. Indian customers are cheap and inferior and relying on them for business would be an embarrassment.

More Than Just Misbehaviour

The Thai lady did not stop at misbehaving at the time of check-in. She gave me a room in which the A.C. did not work properly. I realised this late at night and somehow managed to spend the night. Next morning I went to the front office and asked for a change of the room. The Thai lady was there. She said in a very hateful tone: "What do you mean you need to change the room?" What she meant was "How a bloody Indian could ask for a change of room". When I travel, I keep this blog in mind and concentrate on finding material to write about. What I was watching there was very interesting. I kept my cool and told her that the A.C. in the room given to me was not working. She said she would "investigate the matter" and tell me in the evening. When she was telling me about her plan to investigate the matter, there were two persons from an A.C. repair shop working on the A.C. in the room next to mine. There plan was to probably repair the A.C. in my room also. The hateful Thai lady knew this. Her misbehaviour with me was just a part of her job. After I insisted, she gave me the key to another room.

Missing Amenities

Guest Room At Hotel Smart Suites Bangkok

My booking voucher promised bathroom slippers. There were none in the room. I asked the front office, they said "No slippers". My booking voucher promised free drinking water bottles. There was none in the room. When I asked the front office, they said there was some problem in the water bottles supply and it would take a few days to resolve. So, no water. Bathroom fittings in both the rooms I saw were broken, faulty, or missing. I do not know if all their rooms were like this or they just gave the worst of their rooms to Indian guests.

Dirty Water Bottle Supplied

Used Water Bottle Supplied At Hotel Smart Suites Bangkok

Later in the second evening when I returned to the hotel, I saw an old and used plastic bottle perhaps filled with tap water kept by them in my room. They were telling me: Indian guests do not deserve bottled water. They only deserve tap water in used bottles. I took a picture of this bottle. Perhaps you and I will never see such a thing in a hotel, other than Smart Suites, of course.

Nothing Much To Like There

The hotel is a 10 minute walk away from the main road. I did not see anything special there to justify 1100 THB a day price. Maybe they have good rooms with working A.C. and bathroom slippers and fresh water bottles but all those are not meant for lesser mortals like me. I am from India. Our tailor master here wants only Farangs.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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