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Monday, June 6, 2016

It took me over half a dozen visits to Macau to be able to discover this place. I always find MGM's casino to be the most player friendly and therefore, end up spending most of my gambling time in their main casino hall. Attached to this hall is one of their restaurants - 'Square Eight' where I usually redeem my free MGM food coupons to get a veggie sandwich or an oily shredded potato. I have covered Square Eight in my article on 'vegetarian food in Macau casino restaurants'. On one of the sides of the corridor where Square Eight is located, there is an exit from the casino hall. It does not take you directly out of the MGM but rather into a lobby sort of place in the center of which they usually have an awesome work of art, a huge aquarium or something else that will make you stop there and gawk at it. Around this huge centrepiece, you will find a couple of restaurants and another corridor leading somewhere. A short walk in this corridor will bring you to Pastry Bar. If all these directions I gave seem too confusing, just ask any of the staff at MGM where Pastry Bar is, and they will guide you. All I can say is that you will voluntarily stop at a few places on the way to Pastry Bar to admire some exhibits and take some pictures. But if you happen to be going there in the evening, just remember that Pastry Bar opens between 10.00am and 8.00pm. They do serve breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner but its all over by 8.00pm. There are several things that make Pastry Bar special, and the availability of vegetarian food is just one of them. Keep reading...

Pastry Bar At MGM Macau

More Than Just Pastries...

The availability of food at Pastry Bar is just amazing. They have a cake catalogue that includes about seven whole cakes, 1.5 lbs, costing 248 MOP each and these are just too good looking to eat. If you wish to sample several miniature treats rather than a full cake, they have two options of afternoon tea sets, served 2.00pm onwards everyday. These are called 'Fun Afternoon Tea Set' and 'Pastry Bar Afternoon Tea Set' both costing 288 MOP for two persons. Both sets offer choice of tea or coffee and an assortment of scones, miniature pastries, and miniature savouries.

Seating At Pastry Bar MGM Macau

All Day Breakfast

They serve breakfast all-day and an oatmeal with fresh berries, roasted almonds, and brown sugar can be yours for just 48 MOP plus a 10% service charge. Other options in the breakfast are: eggs (any style), bagels, frittata, and quiche. The costliest item on the breakfast menu is priced at 98 MOP.

A La Carte Menu

Vegetarian Pasta At Pastry Bar MGM Macau

The food menu is actually big for a pastry bar. In addition to the all-day breakfast, they have soups, salads, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, freshly baked waffles, an Indian curry, and a huge selection of drinks including beer. The drinks menu in itself is worth talking about. There is Chinese tea, herbal tea, ice tea, organic tea, freshly squeezed fruit juice, smoothies, milkshakes, and some signature drinks. Prices are very reasonable. For example, a penne carbonara costs 98 MOP plus 10% and the costliest sandwich is priced 128 MOP.

Vegetarian Food

Roasted Tomato Soup At Pastry Bar MGM Macau

Caprese Salad at Pastry Bar MGM Macau

Among the vegetarian food, they have 'Moroccan Spices Roasted Vegetable Sandwich (78 MOP), Caprese Salad (98 MOP), Vegetable Pappardelle (Pasta - 88 MOP), and a Roasted Tomato Soup (48 MOP) which contains Parmesan. I mention Parmesan because this is one cheese which is most likely made using animal rennet but they could not confirm. I still ordered it and enjoyed it. God forgive me. The vegetarian pasta was not so good though and appeared better in the menu than in its serving and taste.

Huge Aquarium At MGM Macau

In spite of the ordinary pasta, my first visit to Pastry Bar will not be my last and my only regret whenever I go there will be not being able to eat all those sweet little things because of my body not agreeing with sugar. I wish I had discovered Pastry Bar five years earlier.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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